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Fastreel is an online service offered by Movavi that acts as a fully-equipped video editing tool, among others, allowing users to create content without the hassle of having to install bulky software on their PC.

The great thing about the service is also the fact that it offers it’s services for free with little restrictions compared to the paid version, and that one simply involves the application of a watermark on any created content.

Fastreel’s system requirements

Because Fastreel is a web service, there are no actual system requirements other than those of the web browser that you will be using to access it.

However, one requirement that is not mandatory, but recommended for a pleasant experience using Fastreel, is a high-speed Internet connection which you will need especially during the upload and the download phase.


Our Review

Support for videos, photos, and audio files
A vast library of themes and templates
Free version with just one limitation
Editing is done without quality loss
Very beginner-friendly
You need Internet connection to use it

The most lightweight video editor imaginable

The first thing that you’ll notice when using Fastreel is just how lightweight it is, in the sense that there is literally nothing to download on your PC in order for it to run.

There are no cookies to be loaded, or extensions to be added, just the user, their web browser, and the URL that leads to Fastreel’s website.

Curiously, the video editing tools put at your disposal are quite vast, so don’t let the lightweight feel of the program make you think that it is in any way cheap.

An abundance of creative options at your disposal

In keeping with the service’s lightweight theme, Fastreel is available as an amalgam of multiple smaller video editing tools available on a singular page.

That being said, there is no one video editor that has tens of buttons and dials. Instead, you have several oversimplified video tools that each serve a purpose.

For example, when you want to create a simple slideshow, you go to the Create a slideshow menu where you will be presented with a UI specifically built for that purpose alone.

On the same note, you can also compress videos, cut them, crop them, change their speed, mute them, and more.

This way of arranging their tools may not be very helpful if you have an elaborate video to create and you actually do need many of the tools within the same menu.

However, if you’re just interested in minor editing involving short editing sessions, Fastreel is perfect.

Templates make everything easier

Fastreel  further enhances the idea of branding itself as a beginner-friendly video editor through the fact that it comes with a lot of built-in templates for the user to choose from.

These are in the tens and hundreds, so whenever you are trying to add filters or special effects to a video, chances are that what you need is already there, and if it isn’t you can use a template that is similar and then just adjust it slightly.

Besides, getting used to the product is incredibly easy since Fastreel’s website is filled with tutorials left and right where they teach you the very basics of using their tools, from creating simple intros to adding filters and special effects to videos.

Try it for free, with almost limitless options

One amazing aspect about Fastreel is that besides the fact that it is completely online, it is also very flexible in terms of their subscription plans.

The best example is the fact that they also include a free plan, with the only limitation being that exported videos will all have watermarks applied to them.

While this does make the videos unusable in many situations, you have access to all of Fastreel’s tools, so you can get a taste of what the program is truly capable of.

All in all, if you’re looking for a video editor to try out, but don’t have a PC powerful enough to run a dedicated editing tool, try out this browser-based alternative.

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