FIX: We’re sorry, but something went wrong Instagram error

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  • The We're sorry, something went wrong Instagram error commonly occurs due to severe account glitches and Internet-related issues.
  • You should first try to log in through your Facebook account.
  • The Windows 10 Instagram app is a great alternative that will create a unique experience.
  • To get rid of this error, temporarily disabling your account proves to be extremely efficient.
FIX: We’re sorry, but something went wrong Instagram error
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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, that also allows you to use two accounts. And what is even more impressive is that Instagram Live is available to both Windows 10 PC and mobile users.

However, sometimes, the app might not work properly, as you won’t be able to run it in normal conditions.

Users described ending up with a crashed program or not being allowed to load any posts. Moreover, from what we found, issues can also appear when sending DMs to friends.

When attempting to connect you’ll get a message from Instagram, which says the following:

We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.

This may cause the platform to crash or just stop you from posting on Instagram, and we truly understand how irritating it can be.

We selected only the best options to quickly solve this annoying issue. Make sure you keep reading our guide to find them all. But first, let’s see some common reasons why the error shows up in the first place.

Why does the Instagram error: Sorry, something went wrong appear?

There are two main leading causes for Instagram bugs: the service is down or there is a problem with your Internet connection.

Before assuming that Instagram got glitches, you should first check whether the app is down all over the world or not. Yes, note that sometimes it faces issues globally, and other times it only affects specific regions.

However, account glitches are the most common reasons that explain why the Instagram error: We’re sorry, but something went wrong appears.

How can I fix the Sorry, something went wrong error?

  1. Make sure that Instagram server is available
  2. Login through Facebook
  3. Use Windows 10 Instagram app
  4. Temporarily disable your account
  5. Contact Instagram Help Center
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app

1. Make sure that Instagram server is available

Sometimes, Instagram servers can be temporarily unavailable. You can confirm this by using a live outage map online or ask your friends if they are having the same issue.

Just confirm that the problem is only related to your account and not to the entire Instagram server.

2. Login through Facebook

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Click on Log in with Facebook.
  3. Now, check if the error perssits. 

Note that this can only be possible if you had earlier connected these two accounts. So, it is advisable to get your Facebook and Instagram accounts connected.

Linking them can prevent from being hacked and help quickly resolve the Sorry something went wrong Instagram error.

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Since the day Facebook bought Instagram, the connection between the two of them has become extremely significant. There even are some features, like Instagram ads, that you can enjoy through Facebook.

If these options didn’t work for your situation, make sure you check and try the other listed ones.

3. Use the Windows 10 Instagram app

  1. Open your device running the Windows 10 OS.
  2. Hit the Windows key, then search for Microsoft Store, and open it.
  3. Once Microsoft Store is opened, search for Instagram, then click on the first recommended option.
  4. Now, click on the Get button.
  5. Install the app by following the on-screen instructions.
  6. Log in and check if the issue is still there.

In case the Instagram app is not working on your computer, take a look at some useful tips to solve the issue right away. Up next, you are clearly ready to contact your friends, so check out how to send direct messages from PC.

4. Temporarily disable your account

  1. Go to the web version of Instagram, and navigate to your profile account.
  2. Click on Edit Profile.
  3. Scroll down, then click on the Temporarily disable my account option at the bottom.
  4. Wait for about 2-3 hours.
  5. After waiting, enable your Instagram account and check if the problem is resolved.

The We’re sorry, but something went wrong Instagram error might occur randomly, so temporarily disabling your account can clear the app from any glitches.

In case you choose to use this option, your photos, comments, and likes will be hidden until reactivating your profile. Also, note that you can only disable the Instagram account from a computer or mobile browser.

5. Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app

You can quickly uninstall and reinstall your Instagram app yet keep in mind that this solution works only if you’re using the Windows 10 Instagram app.

Uninstalling the app on your phone or computer will only delete it. All your content, like photos, tags, likes, or comments will still be there.

When you reinstall Instagram, sign back in as uninstalling it will log you out. The process doesn’t do anything to your profile and everything will be the same when you start using the app again.

6. Contact Instagram Help Center

  1. Open the Windows 10 version of Instagram, then go to your profile.
  2. Click on the Settings and more options icon marked as a gear.
  3. Choose to Report a Problem.
  4. Briefly explain what happened. Note that you can additionally add files with screenshots of the error.
  5. Click on Send Report.

Check out some others Instagram problems

The Something went wrong error was just one example, but you might encounter some other annoying Instagram issues. Take a look at the following list including the most common ones:

  • Posting issues – These occur randomly or due to some poor updates. You’ll not be able to upload posts, load, or view them.
  • Issues with Facebook permissions – In case you accidentally deleted Instagram from the Facebook account, you’ll not be allowed to post from one to another.
  • Comment prolems – You can sometimes notice that the app doesn’t let you comment on certain posts or tag multiple users in the same post. Note that you’ll not be able to leave a comment that includes more than 5 username mentions, beyond 30 hashtags, or multiple-times posted.
  • You can’t follow any more people on Instagram error – This appears when you’re trying to follow too many accounts. Note that Instagram limits this number. In case you rapidly try getting in touch with numerous people, it may temporarily ban you for bot-like behavior.
  • Story problems – If Instagram is crashed, you’ll might not be able to load stories. For those times when Instagram story is stuck on posting, take a look at some useful solutions.
  • The Action Blocked message – As mentioned before, the app usually limits users for suspicious account behavior. In case you ever encounter the Instagram action was blocked, try again later error, do not hesitate to take action.

Is Instagram one of the most popular social platforms?

Even if Instagram users sometimes face random issues, this remains one of the most popular social media platforms. To prove it, take a look at the following statistics:

Source: DataReportal

As you can see, Instagram is the fourth most popular social platform worldwide, after Facebook, Youtube, and Whatsapp. According to the 2021 study, Instagram registered a total of 1.300 million global active users.

So, no matter how many issues it can bring up, our presented app will always be on top of the most-used social media tools.

You’ve already seen some potential solutions that might help you fix the Sorry something went wrong Instagram error. However, if you notice that your Instagram account is already connected to a Facebook page, reconnecting the accounts can resolve the issue and this isn’t the only tip to apply.

Do you have any others questions regarding the above procedures? Feel free to share them with us by simply leaving a comment in the dedicated section below.

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