Your Sony Smart TV apps have disappeared? Get them back now

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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sony smart tv apps not being displayed
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As Smart TVs become more and more popular, people don’t use them just to watch their favourite TV shows or movies.

Because the great majority of them are using the Android OS, users have access to a plethora of apps that work seamlessly on the big screen.

But some Sony Smart TV users complain about a pretty weird issue. More specifically, it seems that on some Sony devices, certain apps are disappearing.

If you’ve been using your Sony Smart TV for some time, this is quite a big problem, as tens or even hundreds of apps can’t be accessed and used.

How can I get back my apps on Sony Smart TV?

1. General troubleshooting steps

sony smart tv disappeared

  1. Make sure that your TV is connected to the Internet. If there’s any problem with your Internet connection, app icons might not be visible.
  2. If your Sony Smart TV is connected to a wireless network, restart your router. If possible, try to use a wired connection.
  3. Update your TV to the latest firmware version.
  4. Perform a Power reset. If that doesn’t fix the issue, try a Factory reset. The Factory reset will delete all the data, apps, and saved changes, so you may want to try this option only if the other solutions from this article fail.

For more info on how to perform a Power or Factory reset on your Sony Smart TV, check out the steps in this useful guide.

2. Refresh the Internet Content

  1. Press the Home button on your remote control.
  2. Now go to Settings > System Settings.
  3. Choose Set-up and then Network.
  4. Select Refresh Internet Content.

Apps might disappear from your Sony Smart TV after a reset, a system update, or just after the purchase because of the content changes.

Refreshing the Internet content might help you get them back, so it’s worth the try.

3. Change the DNS settings on your TV

  1. Press the Home button on your remote control.
  2. Now go to Settings > Network > Network Settings/Set-up.
  3. Select Set-up Network connection.
  4. After that, choose Custom/Expert.
  5. Select Wired/Wireless Set-up. Connect your TV to a wireless network.
  6. Find the Manual IP Address and select it.
  7. Don’t make any changes to the IP address. Instead, for Primary DNS enter and for Secondary DNS enter
  8. If prompted to use a proxy server, choose NO.
  9. After that, choose Save and Connect and you should be able to establish a network connection.

Usually, the DNS address is automatically assigned by your ISP, but if it doesn’t work properly, you can change it to solve any server related problems.

Keep in mind that if your Internet connection becomes unstable or slower, you can change your DNS again by searching for other Public DNS servers.

After changing your DNS, make sure to Refresh the Internet content again and your apps should now appear on your Sony Smart TV.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, feel free to reach for the comments section below.


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