7 best sound modules for greeting cards to surprise your friends

by Farhad Pashaei
Farhad Pashaei
Farhad Pashaei
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  • Audio greeting cards are personalized gifts you can give to your loved ones to show them how you feel.
  • You can purchase a sound module for greeting card, record your message, and attach it to your greeting card easily.
  • Most sound modules for greeting cards give you re-recording options and 2 minutes of total recording time.

In recent years, personalized greeting cards have become a popular way to convey affection to people we feel for. 

A greeting card is made of a piece of card that typically has some illustrations or photos on it and is used to express sentiment.

What better way to put a sound module for greeting cards inside so that it is even more personalized?

In this article, we will explore seven of the best sound modules you can use for your greeting cards.

How do audio greeting cards work?

Audio greeting cards are not made up of complicated technology. The circuit board contains a Chipcorder which is glued to a paper mounting.

A tab made of plastic refrains the electrical contacts from being in touch with each other and closing the circuit.

The paper mounting which is attached to the end of the plastic tab is drawn back every time the card is opened.

It slips out of the two contacts, which makes the circuit complete. This sends the Chipcorder a signal to start playing the recording.

Not all audio greeting cards allow you to record your own personalized message. The reason is that it costs more to include this technology.

What are the best sound modules for greeting cards?

EZSound module for DIY audio cards

  • Capable of recording audio from video and sound files, etc.
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, MP3 Player, Tablets, etc.
  • Capable of recording up to 120 seconds
  • Lacks a push-to-play button
  • Needs to be plugged in to be able to record.

EZSound sound module is a module that comes with a double-sided audio adapter to record your voice messages. It needs 3 LR44 batteries and has a 2.5-millimeter headphone jack. It has a 5-inch screen size and weighs 0.7 Ounces.

This sound module for greeting cards lets you record audio from video and sound files, voice recordings, messages on your phone, etc.

Moreover, you do not need to install any software and it is compatible with any device (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, MP3 Player, Tablets, etc.).

EzSound enables you to record up to 120 seconds and you can re-record your message as many times as you want.

MultiPlay light activated recordable sound chip

  • Light sensor
  • Store and play multiple audio files
  • Capable of recording up to 120 seconds
  • Cannot play the recorded sound based on a 12v relay switch

The MultiPlay sound module is a light-sensor activated audio module. It plays the next recording every time it is exposed to light.

It needs 1 Lithium-Polymer battery. Furthermore, it has a screen size of 10 inches. You can store and play multiple audio files on MultiPlay and also re-record your message as many times as you want.

Additionally, this sound module for greeting cards has a 2 MB internal capacity which means you can record up to 120 seconds total.

Unfortunately, the MultiPlay sound module cannot play the recorded sound based on a 12v relay switch.

WayinTop sound module

  • Carious trigger modes
  • Built-in 8 MB memory
  • Comes with a micro-USB port 
  • Cannot record multiple files
  • Needs to be connected to a computer to be able to record

WayinTop sound module is a fit-for-all sound module. It is the ideal choice for DIY small gifts for different holidays. It weighs 85 grams and has a mono microphone operation mode.

WayinTop sound module enables you to develop a module that suits your own project best. You can choose various trigger modes by connecting different soldering pads.

However, you cannot record multiple files in this sound module for greeting cards. Also, it needs to be connected to a computer to be able to record.

IcstationIS recordable sound module

  • Push-to-play button
  • Compact body and is self-adhesive
  • Windows recognizes it easily when you connect it via USB
  • Deleting the files will open the way for re-recording new sound

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Icstation-IS sound module for greeting cards is very easy to use. This sound module is a button-activated type.

Furthermore, it needs 2 Lithium-ion batteries and the button batteries are rechargeable via the micro USB.

Icstation-IS has a compact body and is self-adhesive which gives you a lot more flexibility when you want to hide it.

This sound module comes with a micro port and more importantly, Windows recognizes it easily. ICstation-IS has 8 MB of storage.

You can remove old sound files and re-record new ones if the memory is full.

Fosa 4-minutes voice greeting card

  • Record messages up to 4 minutes
  • 3-button battery
  • Loud and clear speaker
  • Buttons must be manually triggered every time to play

Fosa comes with three battery-powered buttons and the ability to record four minutes of audio. This allows you to playback your recordings many times before running out of power.

Another benefit was that it allowed for the use of an 8 0.25W green speaker that produced loud and clear sound.

Importantly, you can control the voice movement with button induction. The wire is 10cm long, allowing you to install them wherever you like.

The button on the Fosa sound module needs to be manually triggered every time to play.

5Zerone DIY greeting card chip

  • Record your message for up to 120 seconds
  • Enables you to loop your playback
  • Re-record as many times as you need 
  • No instructions and manuals

Zerone sound module is suitable for DIY homemade greeting cards, gift boxes, invitations, handmade products, etc. It comes with 3 built-in replaceable button batteries for power supply.

With this product, you can re-record for as many times as you need and it enables you to loop your playback.

Moreover, the Zerone sound module for greeting cards lets you record your message for up to 120 seconds.

On the downside, we should point out that if you do not cut the red chord when you are finished with your message, you risk accidentally removing it and having no method of recovering it.

ASHATA recordable voice module

  • Record up to 60 seconds
  • Loop mode
  • The sound has a bit of static noise

ASHATA sound module has a screen size of 2 inches. It is powered by a single CR2 battery and weighs 20 grams, so it will not add significantly to the weight of gifts that must be lightweight.

Furthermore, ASHATA allows you to record up to 60 seconds, which is plenty to express your love and affection for the recipient of the gift.

The installation of this sound module is made easier by the 10cm button line length. Also, the board is 31x21mm in size, so it won’t take up too much space for you to enjoy listening to a recorded audio file.

How do you make a recordable card?

  1. Record your message after pressing the button on the sound module.
  2. Move the Pull tab to test if your message has been recorded the way you like.
  3. Insert the module into the holder.
  4. Peel the adhesive off the back of the holder.
  5. Open your greeting card and align the notches of the module with the folding line of the card.
  6. Stick it down and press on it until it completely sticks to the card.

Now, every time someone opens the card, your voice message should be played for them. Of course, there are other ways to make a recordable card with a sound module for greeting cards, but this was the easiest way around.

Using a sound module for greeting cards to show your loved ones affection is a great idea. After reading this article, you must be able to choose the best sound module for your needs.

Be sure to follow the instructions for each sound module to get the best experience. Also, keep in mind to hide the sound module from plain sight by using a gift card or something beautiful.

Check out this article, if you are looking for the best greeting card maker software.

In the comments section below, tell us which of the greeting card sound modules you’d want to buy and why.

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