SSD migration error? Fix with these 5 solutions

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Samsung SSD Migration error

After installing a new SSD in your system, it is time to clone the HDD to your SSD to take full advantage of the newly installed SSD. However, at times you may see SSD migration error during the cloning process. This is most common with Samsung Data migration software and Samsung SSDs.

The SSD migration error can occur due to several reasons including issues with the SSD and the software itself. In this article, we help you to resolve issues with your SSD migration process.

How to fix SSD Migration Error

1. Change the Cloning Application

SSD Migration Error

  1. If the issue is occurring while using Samsung Data Migration software, try to use a different app to do the same.
  2. The two of the best cloning software are Macrium Reflect and Acronis Disk Cloning software.
  3. Macrium Reflect free version allows you to clone your data from the old drive to new SSD.
  4. Download  Macrium Reflect from the official website and proceed with the cloning process.
  5. This should help you resolve the SSD migration error in Windows computer.

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2. Unplug the Source Drive After Cloning

  1. If the error is occurring after successfully cloning the drive, check if you have unplugged the source drive from the USB port.
  2.  At the end of the cloning proceed, power off and disconnect the old drive and allow the system to try to boot from the new drive.
  3. Keeping the old drive may create issues during the boot process.

3. Disable Hibernation Mode

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open Run.
  2. Type cmd, right-click on the Command Prompt option and select Run as Administrator.
    SSD Migration Error
  3. In the Command Prompt, enter the following command and press Enter.
    powercfg /hibernate off
  4. Close the Command Prompt window and try to clone the drive again.

4. Disable Page Files

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. From the left pane, right-click on This PC and select Properties.SSD Migration Error
  3. From the left pane click on “Advanced System Settings” option.
  4. In the System Properties window, click the Advanced tab.
  5. Click the Settings button under Performance section.
    SSD Migration Error
  6. Click the Advanced tab again in the Performance Options.
  7. Under “Virtual Memory” section, click the Change button.
    SSD Migration Error
  8. Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” option.
  9. Click OK to save the changes.
  10. Close the System Properties window and try to clone the drive again.

5. Other Solutions to Try

  1. Uninstall any unnecessary data and software that is on the source hard drive.
  2. Run Check Disk system utility to check the source hard drive and Samsung SSD for bad sectors.
  3. Make sure you decrypt the source hard drive if it is BitLock Encrypted. You can encrypt the hard drive from Control Panel > System and Security > BitLocker Drive Encryption.
  4. Disable all the antivirus and other security programs temporarily.

The SSD migration error is usually caused by common issues like software incompatibility etc. Follow the troubleshooting tips in this article to fix migration issues with your SSD.


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