Start Menu bugs on Windows 10 Creators Update [FIX]

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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It seems that making a flawless major update isn’t Microsoft’s cup of tea. In the few couple of days since the release, users around the world that obtained the Creators Update reported various issues. For some of those, the problems actually break the OS, for others, the problems are mild but not a less annoying.

Nonetheless, it’s like history is repeating itself. Namely, this problem we are addressing today isn’t a novelty for Windows 10. After the previous releases, the Start Menu was also an issue. And now it’s the same with the Creators Update. Some users reported that the Start Menu is either missing or that they were unable to access it. On the other hand, others managed to enter the Start menu but they encountered missing apps and shortcuts.

This is the experience of one user from the Microsoft Community forum:

yesterday I installed the Creators Update with the Windows Upgrade tool. The installation process did go through flawlessly.
However, after the installation all my programs went missing from the start menu with the exceptions of the “stock” apps and those apps I installed from the MS store (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
The program shortcuts are still there. They are in the proper place in \ProgramData\…
The programs also show up in “Programs & Features” — so they weren’t uninstalled during the upgrade
ClassicShell finds the programs just fine. The programs can be started just fine.
It’s the Windows start menu that refuses to display them. What can I do?’

For that reason, we prepared the list of possible solutions to help you resolve any Start-related issues. If you have any resembling problems, make sure to check the list below.

How to resolve Start Menu issues in the Creators Update

Temporary disable your antivirus

Even though the antivirus solutions are the best way to protect your PC from malware attacks, it seems that they are not exactly in the best terms with Windows 10. Namely, a lot of issues with the system update and all-around performance are provoked by the third-party antivirus. Two of the most notorious are Norton and McAfee, but no one can be certain what impact the others may have on your latest Creators Update. And on the Start menu, as well.

So, basically, for the time being, we advise you to disable the antivirus at least temporarily and use Windows Defender. However, if the problem with the Start is still there, you should move to the additional steps.

Run Microsoft’s troubleshooter

The built-in troubleshooter is the next obvious step. Just run the troubleshooter and wait for the completion. After that, your problems should be resolved. However, besides the native Start menu troubleshooter, you can also download the specific troubleshooter that is created for Start Menu-related issues in the first place.

You can download the troubleshooter by clicking on this link. Once you’ve acquired it, just run it and follow the instructions. If the problem is still there, it can at least give you an insight into the problem’s origins.

Create a new Admin account

Another workaround that proved as a valid solution for some users. Namely, after they’ve created the brand new administrative account, the Start issues were resolved. Have in mind that you’ll lose your previous setup, so the fresh customization is needed. Follow these steps to create the new Administrative account and ideally resolve issues:

  1. Open Settings with the combination of the Windows key + I.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. Click on Family & other people.
  4. Under Other people, click on Add someone else to this PC.
  5. Enter the username and password (optional) and click Next and then Finish.
  6.  Now, under the Family & other people, select a newly created account.
  7. Open Change account type.
  8. Select Administrator and confirm with OK.

Now, after you restart your PC, make sure to log in with the new account. The Start Menu problems should be gone. Nevertheless, if they’re still there, try the other solutions.

Re-register with the PowerShell

Now we are moving to a more thorough approach. As you’re aware, the Start Menu is an essential Windows element and can’t be uninstalled or restarted, in the standard manner of speaking. But, luckily, you can re-register certain built-in processes with the little help from the PowerShell.

Follow this procedure to re-register Start Menu and hopefully repair your Start Menu:

  1. Under the Windows Search, type PowerShell.
  2. Right-click the Power Shell and Run as administrator.
  3. Under the command line, type (copy-paste) the following command:
    • Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
  4. Press Enter and wait for the procedure to complete.

Reinstall Windows 10 clean

On the other hand, if the previous workarounds fell short, you can always reinstall the system. The important thing to remember is to perform a clean reinstall rather than an upgrade. Additionally, make sure to save your credentials and backup your data from the system partition.

The reinstallation isn’t exactly a complicated process, but if you’re not certain, you can always turn to this article with the detailed explanation.

With that, we finished our list. Don’t forget that the similar issues with the Start Menu were addressed with swift patches after the Anniversary Update. So, we hope that Microsoft will do the same thing with the Creators Update. as well.

In addition, feel free to tell us what do you think about the Creators Update so far. The comments section is below!