Steam Deck just got another gigantic update prior to launch

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  • Millions of fans are anxiously waiting for the launch of the new Steam Deck.
  • With only ten days before release, Valve apparently issued a massive update.
  • A well-known Steam Deck tester mentioned benchmarking in a recent thread.
  • This means that the latest update could also be a performance one, among others.
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We know that a lot of you are very excited about the impending release of Valve’s own handheld gaming device, one that resembles a PSP.

There has been a lot of talk about this upcoming gadget and it won’t be long until it will become available for the general public and we can each get our own.

On the off chance you were wondering what else is going on with the new Steam Deck prior to its launch date, you’ve come to the right place.

Apparently, creators just issued a massive update for the already active devices, meaning that work is almost done and it should be ready soon.

Valve releases huge Deck update just a week before release

When we last spoke about the Steam Deck, we mentioned that Valve was reviewing the entire games library and tagging titles as verified, playable, unsupported, and unknown.

The review process has already started and will continue even after the official launch. This process will also be ongoing, as games will be re-evaluated as updates are released.

This will happen either for individual games or for the Deck’s software itself. Valve is currently working on a way to let users see the compatibility of their libraries before launch.

Now, however, known youtube and Steam Deck tester and reviewer, The Phawx, mentioned that the last Steam Deck update was “a megaton”

A recent Reddit post bearing that same information has now got Steam Deck enthusiasts on the edge of their sears, thinking of all the possibilities.

The above-mentioned post shows a screenshot from a Discord conversation between Phawx and some other people, talking about the latest Steam Deck update.

According to the discussion, the software pack released recently by Valve is huge in size, even though there’s no actual mention of what it contains specifically.

But, if we judge from the fact that Pawx mentioned running benchmark tests, it could mean that this was also a performance update, among other things.

This will only help build more excitement and anxiety among the fans that are already restless and can’t wait for the release much longer.

I’d watch a live stream of someone doing taxes on their Deck at this point.

However, all this mystery and anticipation won’t last forever, as there are only ten days left before the official Steam Deck launch, on the 25th of February.

Plus, Phawx will surely be doing a video to cover everything addressed in this latest massive Steam Deck update, so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well.

Are you going to get your own Steam Deck once it becomes available? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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