5 Best Steam Deck Verified Games You Can Play

The Steam deck is an excellent alternative to play steam games

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  • There are thousands of verified games on the Steam Deck Library you can play on your stunning handheld console.
  • Unsupported games and unknown games are not compatible with Steam Deck.
  • You can check for game verification and compatibility status with your handheld console in the Steam Store.
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The Steam Deck is one of the best handheld consoles. It is a powerful console that has been a great competitor to the Nintendo Switch. However, it is reliable because it can run most steam games.

Though not all steam games are verified to work on the handheld, it is likely to be able to play other games in the future. Hence, we’ll take you through the Steam Deck verified games.

The Steam Deck allows you to access hundreds of games on a mobile handheld. The verified games are supported and can be accessed on the handheld without encountering problems.

However, some steam games are currently unsupported on the Steam Deck and can’t be played on the handheld. Likewise, some games are playable. It means you can access and play those games on the Steam Deck, but there are chances that you’ll run into some difficulties.

Which games are verified on Steam Deck?

There are thousands of verified and playable games you can play while writing this guide. Unfortunately, the total is just about a handful of games short of five thousand.

At the time of writing, close to two thousand games have the verified badge on the Steam Deck library, while another two thousand plus are tagged as playable.

Some of the verified games are 100 hidden birds, Angry Birds, 9th Dawn III, God of War, Doom, and Crazy Taxi.

How many verified Steam Deck games are there?

The Steam Deck has a growing library of verified games. However, users can play many verified games on the handheld. Hence, the verified games library for the Steam Deck boasts over 1800 games.

The figure changes over time because of the rapid growth in the number of verified games on the handheld. So, it would help if you frequently reviewed the Steam Deck verified games update.

Are all Steam games compatible with Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, not all Steam games are compatible with the Steam Deck. However, classifying the games into verified, playable, and unsupported is necessary.

How we test, review and rate?

We have worked for the past 6 months on building a new review system on how we produce content. Using it, we have subsequently redone most of our articles to provide actual hands-on expertise on the guides we made.

For more details you can read how we test, review, and rate at WindowsReport.

It’ll help us out the games into divisions. Furthermore, some Steam games are compatible with Steam Deck but are still not functioning.

If you are looking for a Steam Deck compatible games checker, there is no better one than the sign next to each game on the Steam Deck library.

Quick Tip:

Because many Steam games are compatible with the Steam Deck, think about how many resources your PC uses. Thus we recommend using a browser designed for gaming purposes outside Steam.

When using the Opera GX browser, you can balance the resources by toggling RAM, CPU, and network consumption, as well as using Discord integration and downloading from the Steam game store.

Opera GX

Use this browser outside the Steam client to balance resource consumption and use sidebar chat integrations.

What are the best verified games on Steam Deck?

No Man’s Sky – Amazing adventure game

No Man’s Sky is one of the verified games for Steam Deck. It features adventurous gameplay that themes around redemption. It is the best adventure game for the handheld.

However, the game has undergone several updates, making it better by the day. Hence, you’ll need to check for new updates on the Steam deck constantly.

Get No Man’s Sky

Dying Light – Best zombies game

Dying Light is the perfect choice of game for zombie lovers. It features the best display and missions. Likewise, players go on missions to stay alive while fighting against zombies and gather weapons to fight the undead.

The game operates at high speed, making it an excellent choice for the handheld—one to check out on the Steam deck among the verified games.

Get Dying Light

God of War – Immersive action and combat game

God of War is one of the best games on every console. Being a popular game, it was one of the earliest games verified on the Steam Deck handheld.

It features a compelling narration of the brutal adventures of the giant killer known as Kratos. It’s a good mixture of action and adventure.

Get God of War

Apex Legends – Fast-paced shooting game

Apex Legends is a multiplayer shooter featuring modern scenery where players fight battles and play. It is the best game on the verification board as it is part of the earliest game on the Steam Deck.

It has an active fanbase with many competitions included. So if you are a fan of unplanned havoc and shootings, this is one of the best verified games on Steam.

Get Apex Legends

Scarlet Nexus – Best JRPG game

Role-playing is one of the most fascinating games to play. However, the Scarlet Nexus is a game with many anime characters that allow players to choose their characters.

The compelling storytelling nature of the game makes it a fan favorite. It also features the use of psychic or supernatural powers.

Get Scarlet Nexus

There are thousands of other verified games on Steam Deck. However, we have handpicked the best games in different categories for you to select.

How do I know if a game is Steam Deck verified?


To know if a game is Steam Deck verified, you need to check the sign next to each game. The games with green marks are confirmed, while those with a yellow lower cap letter i sign are playable.

Lastly, the unsupported games on Steam Deck have a danger sign, while the unknown games have a question mark sign.

How do I get verified games on Steam Deck?

  1. Click the Steam button.
  2. Select Store from the options.
  3. Search for a game of your choice, go through the Store for games, and then click on the game’s thumbnail.
  4. The product page will have a space for verified, playable, or unknown. (It shows the game status)

This way, you’ll be able to identify verified games and download them.

Can I play unsupported games on Steam Deck?

Unsupported games appear as unknown in the Steam Deck’s Store or library. It means the game is not playable on the handheld. Hence, you cannot play unsupported games on Steam Deck.

There are thousands of verified games on Steam Deck game lists, with more joining them frequently. These games cover different genres. So you are not short of options.

Conclusively, there are some issues you may encounter on the Steam Deck, such as the Steam Deck stick drift issue. However, you can check our article to learn how to fix it.

Moreover, the Steam Deck fatal error has been reported by various users. If you encounter it, check out our guide.

In the comments below, let us know the verified game(s) you enjoy playing on the stunning handheld console.

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