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Windows 10 Fast Startup

Windows 10 brings plenty of tools to users in order to improve the level of productivity. To that extent, any feature that can potentially reduce downtime, such as the time spent waiting for your PC to boot, can be considered a breakthrough.

That’s precisely the thinking behind Windows 10’s Fast Startup feature.

What is Windows 10 Fast Startup?

Long story short, Windows 10 Fast Startup is a feature that is present in Windows 10 that can greatly reduce the boot time of your PC.

It works pretty much in the same way as Windows 8’s Fast Boot, and under certain circumstances, it can indeed be very useful.

By enabling this feature, you allow your PC to enter a state that lies somewhere between a complete shutdown and Sleep Mode.

While all programs are closed and all users are completely logged off, the system kernel, your session, and your drivers are still running in the background.

As such, whenever you boot your PC, you will no longer have tow it for these features to load, so everything unfolds much faster.

What are the Pros and Cons of using Windows 10 Fast Startup?

As mentioned earlier, the main pro of using Windows 10 Fast Startup is the greatly reduced waiting times when it comes to boot your PC.

Unfortunately, this hybrid shutdown/Sleep Mode state prevents the PC from performing a regular shutdown and can cause compatibility issues with devices that do not support sleep mode or hibernation.

For example, if you are using a UAD-2 FireWire device it is recommended to disable this feature for better compatibility.

More so, there have been reports that having the Windows 10 Fast Startup feature enable can prevent your PC from updating properly.

Should I enable or disable Windows 10’s Fast Startup?

Given how most often than nought Windows 10’s fast Startup feature can cause incompatibilities and boot issues with your PC, many users simply choose to disable Fast Startup altogether.

However, if you are among those that encounter no issues with this feature and want to benefit from the perks that it has to offer, then you might as well go ahead and enable it.

Check out this full guide on how to enable Windows 10 Fast Startup.

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