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All the things you need to know about Microsoft Build 2020

Microsoft Build is the biggest event in the Microsoft world, for Windows 10 users, and the whole ecosystem.

It is focused on developers but also followed by insiders and enthusiasts all over the world.

This year, it was the first time that all those met exclusively online.

Microsoft Build 2020 highlights:

Windows Terminal has come to a stable version, 1.0, and provides GPU support.

Windows Package Manager aka Winget installs packages with a single command.

Azure Synapse Link is the new Microsoft that helps enterprises handle big data analytics.

Project Union is unifying the access to the existing Win32 and UWP APIs and pulls them out from the operating system. 

Microsoft Edge will soon offer a smart Pinterest integration that makes the Collections feature even more powerful.

Microsoft has announced it will be introducing pop-out apps in Teams later this year.

The Edge WebView2 preview now enables you to work with WinForms. This open-source GUI is a component of the Microsoft .Net Framwork.

Project Bonsai, a technology targeted at autonomous industrial robots, pushes the frontier of AI.

Microsoft welcomes Linux GUI apps to Windows 10.

Microsoft added two new utilities inside PowerToys: Keyboard Manager and PowerToys Run.

Microsoft simplifies Teams Chatbots with Power Virtual Agents.

Azure App Service helps to create and to host static web apps.

Microsoft built a new AI supercomputer in Azure.