TeamViewer launches Blizz, a new meeting and collaboration tool

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Although people familiar with TeamViewer will be more excited about this feature than those who aren’t, the latter category will most likely find it just as useful. The service in question is Blizz developed by TeamViewer. The company’s self-titled software, TeamViewer, is a remote PC control program that allows people to remotely control a PC from another machine. This has a number of functionalities, one more useful than the other. With Blizz, the company is looking to bring that to the online medium.

Here’s what Blizz can do

Although its functionality isn’t quite the same, the overall theme of teamwork is at the core of Blizz. Through it, people can set up online meetings more easily. According to TeamViewer, there is a signup process involved, which means that people can go to the website and start using the service. That’s great news especially for those that aren’t that tech savvy or don’t spend a lot of time on the internet and aren’t too familiar with it.

It has great features

Up to 300 people can be part of an online meeting, making Blizz a great tool for both smaller and medium-sized companies. There are options that facilitate meetings even further, such as the option of joining through a phone call. There is also a video call option which offers HD video solutions to those that want to see the faces of the company members as well.

It comes in every size

TeamViewer recognizes the importance of delivering a highly versatile service and therefore it implemented support for all major operating systems. There are multiple offers available and the price on these plans range from $6 to $19 monthly subscriptions. Those that aren’t immediately convinced or just don’t want to invest in it at the moment could try the free version. While the paid versions will bring more perks to the table, the free version is a good place to start.



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