FIX: TeamViewer proxy error on Windows 10 [Versions 11 & 12]

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  • If you experienced the dreaded TeamViewer proxy error, you've definitely come to the right place, as we'll shine some light on it.
  • Reportedly, this issue occurs more frequently on older versions of TeamViewer, such as v11 and v12, but can happen on newer ones as well.
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Fix TeamViewer proxy error
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If you experienced the dreaded TeamViewer proxy error, you’ve definitely come to the right place, as we’ll shine some light on it.

TeamViewer is a nifty remote-access tool that’s used by people all around the world, especially for remote assistance.

It involves a TeamViewer ID and a password, which are used for authentication. Thus, in order to connect to another PC through TeamViewer, you’ll need to know its ID and password. Quite simple.

What is TeamViewer proxy error?

Sometimes, the program might encounter certain connectivity issues. As a result, you may not be able to use it properly and establish a connection. Reportedly, this especially happens to version 11 and version 12 users.

Upon attempting to establish a connection to another device, the app urges you to check your Internet connection.

More so, it suggests that you’re probably using a proxy server, in which case you’d have to configure the program properly.

The thing is, almost none who complained about this error weren’t using proxy servers.

How to fix TeamViewer proxy error?

1. Change your DNS

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Select Network and Internetcontrol panel network and internet
  3. Click the Change adapter settings buttonWhere to find the Change adapter settings menu 
  4. Right-click your active connection
  5. Select the IPv4 option from the list (make sure it’s checked and highlighted)This site can't be reached
  6. Click the Properties button
  7. If your DNS is set to auto, click the Use the following DNS server addresses radio button
  8. Type in the Preferred DNS server field
  9. Go to the Alternate DNS server field and type to connect to authentication service
  10. Click the OK button
  11. Launch CMD and type the following commands:
    1. ipconfig /flushdns
    2. ipconfig /registerdns
    3. ipconfig /release
    4. ipconfig /renew
    5. netsh winsock reset
  12. Restart your computer
  13. Check if the problem still persists

It’s worth mentioning that you can also use other DNS servers than the Google Public DNS ones we’ve suggested. For instance, you can use in the first field and in the other one.

Important note: if you use manually ISP-assigned DNS, it’s wise to write them down somewhere. Altering your ISP-configured connection might render it unfunctional and backing up info is always a great idea.

2. Check your firewall

TeamViewer uses port number 5938 to establish connections to their servers and relay them to other PCs.

For that reason, you need to make sure that your firewall of choice (whether it’s Windows’ built-in one or another third-party solution) doesn’t block this port.

Furthermore, you can also check if your firewall or antivirus isn’t actively blocking the TeamViewer application. Last, but not least, check if your router blocks outgoing connections on port 5938.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to manually unblock them for TeamViewer to work.

3. Restart the app your PC

Some users reported that the error started occurring if their PCs went in and out of sleep mode. That’s not exactly unheard of, apps becoming unstable after a good sleep.

Therefore, you can try closing the app (make sure it’s not still running in the tray) and launching it again. It did the trick for certain users, maybe it’ll also work for you.

Alternatively, you can try the old PC restarting trick. That is almost never prone to fail, and it definitely seems to work for some users.

4. Check if you’re not actually using proxy

  1. Hit the Win key on your keyboard
  2. Type Proxy
  3. Click the Proxy settings buttonerror updating data
  4. Take a look at the proxy section
  5. Scroll down and make sure it’s completely turned off

If you’re not using a proxy, try the methods we’ve described above. Also, make sure that you turn off any VPN and try establishing the TeamViewer connection once more.

However, if your system is using a proxy, then write them down and then take the following steps:

  1. Launch the TeamViewer app
  2. Click the Extras button
  3. Select Options from the menu
  4. Locate the Proxy settings section
  5. Click the Configure button (check the screenshot)TeamViewer Proxy settings button
  6. Select Use manual proxy (not Automatically detect settings)Configure TeamViewer Proxy settings
  7. Type the proxy settings you’ve written down earlier (IP, port)
  8. Input your proxy username and password if necessary
  9. Click OK
  10. Restart TeamViewer
  11. Check if the issue still persists

It’s not a good idea to let TeamViewer detect proxy settings automatically. Many users reported that this feature doesn’t work and TeamViewer ignores proxy settings by default.

Final thoughts on TeamViewer proxy error

All things considered, if you’re unable to establish a connection on TeamViewer due to fake proxy detection, there are many things you can do about it.

Apparently, the most popular fix is changing your default DNS servers, but if this fails, feel free to try our other suggestions.

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