The Crow’s Eye issues: Puzzles can’t be completed, stuck on respawn, and more

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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The Crow’s Eye is a new psychological horror puzzle game that arrives on Steam today. So far, only testers and press members had the opportunity to try it, and write their first reports and reviews about this game.

According to the earliest reports, developer of the game, 3D2 Entertainment will have more work to do, as there are a few issues that already appear. We’ve wandered around Steam forums, and found the reported issues. So, if you’re planning to purchase the game, keep these in mind.

The Crow’s Eye reported issues

Stuck on platform puzzle

One player complains that he’s unable to reach the ladder, due to un unusual bug in the game. Here’s what he says:

“I’ve figured out how to raise the platform, but now the ladder’s too high for me to reach and I can’t see any way to pull it back down. Any hints from playes who have gotten past that? :)”

However, as some other players pointed out, the issues gets resolved with the latest fix. So, if you eventually get stuck on platform puzzle, as well, it’s time to patch your game.

Cube Puzzle Can’t Be Completed

Another player reported a similar issue. Only this time, the cube puzzle in level 6 can’t be completed:

“Without wishing to spoil anything, I won’t go into too much detail, but the cube puzzle early in level 6 can’t be completed and needs a quick fix. The purple socket isn’t correctly lined up as when the cube is pushed into it, the cube doesn’t slot in as it should and actually ends up going through the socket instead of inside it. The others all slot in as they should.”

Bug on Level 5

There’s also a bug that disturbs respawn in the game. Here’s what one player says about it on Steam forums:

“I’m currently in the sewers, in the room with moving platforms and poisoned water. It happened to me multiple times, that after falling in the water I didn’t respawned in the room but in the entrance area of the sewers.”

That’s it for now. Maybe three issues aren’t such a big deal for a game, but keep in mind that the game has been around for just one day. So, there’s still plenty of time and space for more issue reports. However, we hope there won’t be too many of them in the days to come.

Have you purchased The Crow’s Eye already? Is there anything bugging you in this game? Let us know in the comments below.