The Sims 5 release date and features: Here’s what rumors suggest

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The Sims 4 is one of the most popular games in the world. The title was launched in 2014, and fans can’t help but wonder when The Sims 5 will be released.

EA has been constantly releasing new game packs to fuel fans’ commitment and add new elements to the game. While this is great news, many fans believe that The Sims 4 should be revamped and hope that the upcoming game sequel will do just that.

The Sims 5: What you should expect to see

For the time being, EA has not yet confirmed anything about The Sims 5. The fact that the game publisher prefers to remain silent about this game, means that there is something in the works. Or, in the worst case scenario, it indicates that EA is still debating whether to start working on The Sims 5 or not. Otherwise, the company would have simply stated that the Sims 4 is the last game in the series and game packs are indeed the future of the game.

So, we strongly believe that the silence and mystery surrounding The Sims 5 confirm that the game is in the works. Moreover, there are already many rumors about The Sims 5’s features heating up the Internet. Here are the most feasible and popular ones:

  • The Sims 5 will bring VR-compatible features

Nobody knows exactly if the whole game will be VR-compatible, or if only one or two game packs will support this feature. What is certain is that VR appears to be the future of gaming. Taking into account this fact, the idea of a future The Sims 5 VR game doesn’t seem that far-fetched anymore.

Moreover, Microsoft is making VR affordable to everyone thanks to its $299 VR headsets. The Sims 5 VR would add even more realism to the game, fully immersing players into the gameplay.

  • The Sims 5 will arrive in 2019

The Sims was released in 2000, The Sims 2 arrived in 2004, The Sims 3 landed in 2009, and The Sims 4 arrived in 2014. As you can see, EA releases a new game every 4 and a half years. Rumors suggest that EA should officially announce The Sims 5 at the end of this year, and release it in 2019.

  • The Sims 5 Xbox Scorpio compatibility

Yes, there are rumors suggesting that Xbox Scorpio owners could play The Sims 5 on their consoles. Many speculate that EA wants to further increase the game’s popularity by making it available on Microsoft’s console. This corroborates the first rumor on the list, suggesting that there could indeed be a VR version of The Sims 5. As a quick reminder, Microsoft’s VR-ready Project Scorpio is the most powerful console ever built.

Once again, EA has yet to officially confirm its plans about the The Sims 5. As a result, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Sims 5 base game

And now, here’s what fans wish to see in the Sims 5:

1. An open world or possibly neighborhood system & bigger worlds.
2. The return of Create a style.
3. Layering with the option to have an open or closed shirts.
4. Open careers in the base game .
5. Open education up too high school (Uni in an update).
6. The return of the fire service & police & criminals.
8. Toddlers in base.
9. Family play.

What do you think about these suggestions? What other new features and improvements would you like to see in The Sims 5?

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I think we should make the sims 5 have like a multiplayer feature so we can play with friends or people online !!

I’d like to see an online based game that you can play with at the very least 4 other gamers. Open world, don’t leave out the toddlers and perhaps a 1st person mode. Right now I play ARK survival. They have a base game where you can build attempt to survive raise dinos and other animals and breed them your player gets hungry and what not. But it’s not quite the same as Sims. So if Sims needs an idea of how to do a successful online mode, they could look into what Ark did but massively improve upon it.

Ark is ran by Wild card where as EA has almost an unlimited amount of money and developers. They could make it work. Being a part of the game is so much better. I remember playing 2 player Sims on Xbox it was a blast. I can only imagine how much better it would be with my other friends.

If rumor is true about the open world- then may I add the idea of Driving Cars, like the car simulation game on the App Store, and ability to run over sims and possibly kill them. Lol I’m not a psychopath- I’m just relating the idea to the real world.

In addition to car simulation, a sim must pass their drivers class and get a license before they can drive a car.

Just some wild ideas I have lol ^^

I seriously despise the way time moves in the Sims. Why the fuck does it take my sim literally 30 minutes to walk to the bathroom? It’s absurd! You can’t get enough done and your sim never has enough time in one day to do all tasks needed. The sims should be on real time imo and the seasons change with the real world.

I’d like to see a more dramatic change than the ones suggested lol
Otherwise you might as well just play the older games

I would love to see in the Sims 5 where players can actually have their Sims in the car but players can interact with the car by actually controlling their Sim by driving for them instead of the Sims driving from place to place on their own. I think that would be pretty awesome.

or adding like a minigame option that you could turn off in the settings. like if they add seasons and festivals you could play the games as your sims and it would determine how well you sim does

I personally think multiplayer offline should happen. The sims would be SO much better if we could play it with friends and others, it would make for a much more interesting and unique experience.

I would love to see them make it where you can fix the height of the sims. The sims 4 body modifications is wonderful as well, just adding to the list in sims 5 of more details.