FIX: The Sims 3 Keeps Crashing on Windows 10

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How to fix The Sims 3 crashing

  1. Check your settings
  2. Uninstall recently installed mods
  3. Turn off background apps and programs
  4. Update your OS
  5. Run the built-in troubleshooting tool
  6. Exclude the game from Data Execution Prevention
  7. Additional solutions

The Sims 3 is one of my favorite games and whenever I have some free moments, I fire it up on my Windows 10 laptop. But some readers have been asking us to find a working fix for those having game crashing problems. And we listened.

Sims 3 is a really cool game and it’s a pleasure to play it on your Windows 10, 8 computer, laptop or tablet. However, it’s quite annoying when you can’t play it due to various issues, such as crashing or freezing issues. And we’re talking here about problems even for those running the latest version of Windows 10 or Windows 8 and also the latest version of Sims 3, fully patched.

sims 3 crashing windows 8

Here’s what users have been complaining about:

After about 30 minutes gameplay my Sims 3 crashes? Just got  a new PC with Windows 8 and I think it might be Windows 8 fault, because I could run it on my old Vista PC. Any solutions to the problem?

And somebody else says that everything has been installed correctly and everything is up to date

So we have all of the expansion and stuff packs for sims 3 but right now only sims 3 and sims 3 seasons is downloaded on the computer. it keeps crashing and saying “sims 3 has stopped working” does anyone know what to do because it is a brand new hard-drive cause it kept crashing on windows 7 when we had all the packs downloaded. so i have no idea what to do now. please help!!!

How to fix Sims crashes on Windows 10

We’ve scouted the web and found some working fixes for the annoying Sims 3 crashing issues on your Windows 10, 8 device. Of course, as always, you are advised to get the latest graphical drivers and make sure that you are also playing a completely genuine version of the game. First of all, we will start with a few pieces of advice that you need to follow just to see if they can be of any help.

1. Check your settings

  • You might not be having all the required hardware specs for a decent gameplay, so consider downgrading the settings and choosing speed over quality
  • Try to turn off advance rendering
  • Try playing the game in window mode. If there isn’t a setting for enabling this, then choose the alt+enter hotkey combination

2. Uninstall recently installed mods

Run a System Scan to discover potential errors

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Uninstall Pets if you have installed it as this has worked for some. Also, if you recently installed new mods, remove them and check if this workaround fixed the problem.

3. Turn off background apps and programs

Try to turn off background programs which could be eating up virtual memory. The quickest way to do this is to clean boot your computer. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Start > type msconfig > hit Enter
  2. Go to System Configuration > click on the Services tab >  check the Hide all Microsoft services check box > click Disable all.hide all microsoft services
  3. Go to the Startup tab > Open Task Manager.
  4. Select each startup item > click Disabledisable startup programs
  5. Close the Task Manager > restart the computer.

4. Update your OS

Make sure you upgrade to the latest Windows 8.1 Update version, if you’re still running this OS. Microsoft regularly rolls out new updates to make your system more stable and fix general bugs, so make sure to check for updates.

Since Windows 8.1 is an old Windows version, the best solution is to upgrade to the latest OS version: Windows 10. Microsoft has greatly improved your gaming experience on Windows 10 by adding a series of dedicated gaming features and such Game DVR, a new Game Bar and so on. Install the latest Windows 10 version to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. For more information on how to download and install the Windows 10 April Update, you can check out this guide.

5. Run the built-in troubleshooting tool

There are two troubleshooting tools that may help you fix game crashes in The Sims 3, namely the Program Compatibility troubleshooter and the Blue Screen troubleshooter (if The Sims 3 crashed with a BSOD error). Here’s how to run these troubleshooters:

  1. Open Control Panel > type ‘troubleshoot’ in the search menu > select Troubleshooting
  2. Click on View All to list all the troubleshootersview all control panel
  3. Select and run the troubleshooters mentioned above > restart your computer and check if you can Play The Sims3.

6. Exclude the game from Data Execution Prevention

  • Right click on My Computer on Windows 8 or This PC on Windows 10 > select Properties
  • Click on the Advanced System Settings link on the left> click on the Advanced tab > go to Settings under Performance frame
  • Check Data Execution Prevention tab and then turn on DEP for all programs and services except those you want, add Sims 3 executable file in the exception list.

7. Additional solutions

  • Try to delete all cache files and thumbnails
  • Run the game in compatibility mode with Windows 7 or even a previous version
  • Turn of firewall, spyware & antivirus programs

Let me know if you have managed to overcome problems with the Sims 3 game on your Windows 10, 8 system by applying this fixes. You can definitely apply the above mentioned tips to other Sims version, as well.


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My problem I have is that my sims 3 only crashes whenever I use the “testingcheatsenabeld true” cheat. After hardly 10 minutes of gameplay. It crashes and I have to either save regularly while using the cheat to prevent crashes and game loss. Or I shouldn’t be using the cheat at all and the game seems to work fine. But I save regularly anyway for safety. Is there a way to fix this certain type of bug? It does it with my windows 8 laptop and windows 7 computer. With expansions and without expansions.

The sims 3 is not supported by widows 8. It was made on vista and can be played on vista, xp and windows 7. Some of your tips are good on fixing some problems on windows 8. Upgrading to widows 8.1 will cause more problems don’t upgrade if you have widows 8. System restore does not work on windows 8.1 and you will have to call microsoft to get a dist to do a system recovery to get back to windows 8.The origin launcher and sims launcher run very high disk usage. If you are lucky to have the old origin and downloaded it last year or before you can shut off origin at start up , run your game under windows 7 admin or still run under windows 8 admin. If you run it on a lower setting than windows 8 you will compromise your graphics. EA also told me a few more problems. If you recently installed world adventures to uninstall it, it causes save problems since a recent update but will run ok if you installed it last year or before. Island paradise the EP is really messed up was advised by EA to uninstall it until they fix it. In general Pets, Island Paradise and Into the future are the highest running EP’s in the game and some computers will not handle playing them. Also fps fluctuates really badly on this game. If your game is crashing fps is on 0. Checking the fps. in game control+Shift+C will bring down the screen. Type this in the upper bar – testingcheatsenabled true -then hit enter than type in the upper bar – fps on – and hit enter. your fps will show up in the right hand corner. Hope this helps!! Also try razer game booster