The Division’s free Conflict update brings new Incursion and other missions

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The latest  free Conflict update for Tom Clancy’s The Division is bringing a new Incursion mission available in Columbus Circle, alongside other new challenging missions. But before entering Incursion, you have to work your way to level 30 first — this mission isn’t a gift but rather a privilege you have to earn. This encounter is balanced for a team of four players equipped with high-level gear.

The game changes don’t end here:

  • When a player reaches their max level and enters the Hard and Challenge mode, he will be matched only with Level 30 players.
  • The armor damage mitigation cap has been increased to 75%.
  • Improved weapon blind fire and overall handling are available while in cover.
  • In the Inventory, the Health stat has been replaced with Toughness. This is a combination of Health and Armor.
  • Shooting a player while they are interacting with an object will cause the timer to push back.
  • The extraction departure timer has been increased to 60 seconds once the helicopter arrives.

This update also brings four new gear sets:

  • Final Measure – this powerful defensive set is very useful when defusing hostile grenades.
  • Hunter’s Faith – come out on top with this survival focused marksman set when you duel your enemies.
  • Lone Star – this game-changing utility set takes the task of reloading your weapons off your shoulders.
  • Predator’s Mark – this powerful offensive set allows you to kill your enemies in an instant.

The Conflict update fixes many annoying bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where the effects of player talents would stack when the talent was repeatedly equipped and unequipped.

  • Fixed a bug where the Reckless gear talent would increase player damage resistance instead of decreasing it.

  • Fixed a bug where the Balanced gear talent would remain active indefinitely after the weapon was shouldered.

  • Fixed a bug with the Brutal gear talent where the damage was multiplicative instead of additive.

  • Fixed a bug with the One is None character talent where the weapon could jam when the magazine was down to one bullet.

This is the third update the game has received since its launch: the first one landed in March and brought huge bug fixes and the second one, Incursions, came in April offering many new interesting features, games changes, and bug fixes.

For the complete list of improvements and fixes, you can check out The Division’s official page.


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