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  • Playing trivia games online is a great way to continue all the fun you had playing trivia in your living room. You've quite a few options to choose from.
  • In this article we're offering a few options, some free, some paid. But undoubtedly fun, no matter which one you will choose.
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trivia games online
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Trivia games are very inclusive and therefore suitable to play with either friends or the whole family. But we all know that after playing a traditional trivial board game a few times, you risk learning both the questions and the answers.

So maybe you can start looking at trivia games online, where the options are numerous, to say the least.

From single-player quizzes to question packs that you can buy to season up your trivia nights at home, you can find them all on the Internet.

Where can I find some good trivia games online? 



An impressive resource for trivia game lovers, Funtrivia.com includes over 150,000 trivia quizzes that you can go through online, free of charge.

You only have to create an account to access all the goodies. You can get daily email trivia as well as access to an entire library of trending quizzes, topics, challenges, quiz formats, and whatnot. You can even create your own quiz.

When you’re done exploring the site by yourself, you can share the fun with others by purchasing quiz packs that consist of 50-100 questions from specific domains.

Multiple uses of the same account are not possible, so you either share a trivia quiz and make your own scoring system or purchase question packs.

⇒ Play trivia games on Funtrivia.


all the tests

Similar to the previous website, this too includes a multitude of trivia quizzes from every possible domain.

A lot of the quizzes are very very specific, for just a certain aspect of a more general topic. For instance, Game is a general category, in which you can find 14 different quizzes just on the topic of Super Mario).

Access is free and you don’t have to register. On a general note, the website is a good resource to test your knowledge, but also to get inspiration for possible questions (and answers) for your own quiz night.

Some tests are really trivial, though…

⇒ Play trivia games on AllTheTests.


trivia games kahoot

Unlike the other two options, this one is clearly more educational.

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform, used in schools and other educational institutions to test the students’ knowledge or just organize fun activities in the classroom. The platform can also be used by the students’ family members.

Among the many games, Kahoot! also includes trivia quizzes.

The purpose of the platform is to allow you to create your own quiz, either using the Kahoot! database with over 500 million questions, or coming up with your own ones, and then play the game with a group of people.

A great aspect of Kahoot! is that quizzes can be taken online, by several people that connect to a certain Kahoot (quiz) at the same time (not necessarily at the same location). Participants have to log in either via a web browser or via the Kahoot! app.

There are several usage plans, including a free plan, with limited access, but just enough to allow one to create a trivia quiz and organize an online trivia night at home.

⇒ Create a trivia game on Kahoot!

Fibbage XL


Fibbage XL by Jackbox Games is a short trivia game in which the players receive an obscure trivia fact that’s missing one key detail. The objective is to fill in the blank so that it fools others into thinking it’s the truth.

The game can be played in 2 to 8 players, and lasts 15-20 minutes. In the online version, it is available for PCs, Macs, and Linux. To play online, players log into the creator’s website and find the room where Fibbage XL is played.

⇒ Play Fibbage XL.



QuizUp is a multiplayer game in which one user competes against another during seven rounds of timed multiple-choice questions of various topics. 

There are over 1,200 total topics available to users to choose from, and all the content is submitted by volunteers.

You can use either the web version or the dedicated app to play this game. Once you log in, you choose a topic of interest and start playing against a friend or against a random person that challenges you.

⇒ Play QuizUp.

We’d like to hear your own preferences for online trivia games, so drop us a line in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It appears that some of the most common trivia topics touch upon topics such as the European Flag, national anthems, castles and coffee.

  • Trivia games are based on a question-answer dynamic. This dynamic depends on how the game is organized.  Trivia questions come from all possible domains, testing your general knowledge. The game can be played individually, or in teams.

  • For a fun trivia night, the chosen topics are very important so that they match the interests of all participants. Then the questions have to be both challenging and interesting. And, of course, the answers need to be correct and maybe funny. If you play in teams, team spirit is essential.

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