7 Best UML Diagram Software [We Tested 15 in 2024]

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Key notes

  • If you are an engineer who needs to document software systems, then you definitely need the best UML diagramming software for Windows.
  • We offer you a tool that is compatible with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows platforms, from Windows XP to Windows 10.
  • You can also choose an open-source software for all Windows platforms to set up UML diagrams.
  • Below is another program that can configure UML class, sequence, database, activity, state and use case diagrams.
best uml diagram software

UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams are visual representations of software systems. The diagrams are essential for software engineers who need to document software systems. There are various alternative types of UML diagrams, such as activity, class, object, component, and sequence diagrams.

This technique is essential for software engineers to visualize, document, and construct the artifacts of their systems plans. Such a best practice is not only efficient for developing software but it can be extremely helpful for business modeling.

Then UML diagrams can provide support in other fields because it structures the plan in sequence, following a logical pattern that actually represents the scheme of your final projects.

Software engineers will need diagram software to set up UMLs. As such, there are numerous diagramming software with which users can lay out UML diagrams. The best UML diagramming tools support most of the UML diagram classes and are compatible with the UML 2.0 specification. These are some of the best Windows software for UML diagrams.

What is the best UML diagram?

Edraw UML Diagram is the application of choice for many software engineers and designers. The software is fully compatible with 64 and 32-bit Windows platforms from Windows XP to Windows 10.

First, this diagram software is made for everyone who needs powerful visualizations of a software plan. Hence, take full advantage of progressive flowcharts and visuals, floor planning designs, or electrical engineering made simple.

The tool provides all the tools most users will need to set up UML diagrams. The software enables users to set up UML use case, activity, component, sequence, package, static structure, statechart, and collaboration diagrams among others. It includes UML templates with which users can quickly set up the diagrams.

Users can also select various color fill, line, and shadow customization options for inserted objects and add pictures to their diagrams. In addition, users can set up data flow models, SSDs, Booch OOD, ROOM, and Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams among others with Edraw.

Edraw UML Diagram

Edraw UML Diagram

Get started with this strong UML diagram and flowcharting tool to build valuable projects quickly.
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The next entry is an online app that helps individuals to design diagrams and wireframes in no time for complex projects.

Primary, you can use this software for multiple purposes that serve your final concept. So the capabilities involve designing to visualize projects, plan with diagrams, prototype presentation, and collaboration.

You can therefore use this tool in order to manage your project with diagrams or workflows, plus develop teamwork with Cloud collaboration services. Because feedback is crucial for any product, you can involve your teammates when you’re ready.

More so, it’s desirable to use this program due to its effective tools for project designing, at the same time stimulating the creative process as a team.

It’s worth mentioning that it includes crips elements for your diagrams or plans, with so intuitive drag-and-drop platform which also includes many widgets or smart shapes to quickly add it.

With that being said, Moqups presents valuable services to create respectable project planning with mockups, diagrams, or prototypes of all kinds.



Using this fantastic app, you can create, design, and visualize every aspect of your projects!
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As one of the MS Office suite applications, Microsoft Visio is the industry standard diagramming software with which users can set up a wide range of diagrams, which include UML classes.

There’s also a Visio Online Plan version that supports UML 2.5 diagram types. This probably isn’t the most economical UML diagramming application, but both Visio versions still pack in an expansive diagram toolkit that few other alternatives can match.

Visio supports the UML 2.0 specification and provides templates for six types of UML diagrams. Visio Professional users can set up class, sequence, database, activity, state, and use case UML diagrams with the software.

Visio includes a plethora of formatting and design options, and users can add clip art, photos, CAD drawings, callouts, containers, hyperlinks, and additional charts to their diagrams.

The software enables users to generate UML diagrams from imported source code and integrate real-time data in them with data linking. Visio users can also set up numerous other diagram types, such as flowcharts, Gantt, network, organizational charts, and more besides.

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UML Designer

This UML software is a solution for graphical tools meant to edit and visualize UML models very easily.

Using software like this one it’s likely to create the most amazing graphical modeling workbench using Eclipse Modeling functionalities. So the service is based on the Sirius project that offers generic design structures for your UML maps.

Further, you can customize your workflow or diagrams and combine UML designs with domain-specific modeling, then working on multiple modeling types at the same time.

More exactly, it is possible to work on UML and DSL models at the same time and modify your diagrams however you need for your final concept.

In addition, in order to better understand how the software works or navigating options within the platform, there are cheatsheets you can access to learn the basics. Plus, you can benefit from extensive tutorials on the official website.

So choosing the UML Designer solution it’s assured that you can customize your best modeling diagrams and create your workflows seamlessly without much training.

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UMLet 14.3

UMLet is a straightforward design tool with which users can quickly set up UML diagrams. This is open-source software for all Windows platforms that you can download from the UMLet website. Note that Java 1.6 is a system requirement for UMLet, so users need to have Java installed before they can run the software.

The tool is more specifically designed for UML diagrams. What sets UMLet apart from some of the other alternatives is that users modify diagram elements with text inputs instead of the more standard pop-up dialogs. UMLet users can set up custom elements for diagrams.

The software supports various UML diagrams, such as use case, sequence, deployment, activity, and state diagrams. In addition, this application includes a handy Mail to option with which users can email UML diagrams.

Plus, using this software you can create diagrams easily due to its user-friendly interface, building sequence diagrams from plain text in minutes. And also you can export your diagrams to PDF, JPG, SVG formats and share them quickly.

Lastly, operating this tool is very simple, with controls like double click to add elements, elements editing on lower-right text panel, or CTRL+Space for context help.

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StarUML 3

StarUML 3 packs in an abundance of tools for designing software models. Apple, IBM, Samsung, EA, Amazon, and Intel are some of the renowned companies that utilize StartUML 3 for software design. The application is compatible with Windows (XP to 10), macOS, and Linux platforms.

StartUML 3 is compatible with UML 2.0 metamodel diagrams. So its users can set up about 11 UML diagrams along with data flow, flowchart, and entity-relationship diagrams (for database design).

With the software’s Java and C++ extensions, StartUML 3 users can generate Java and C++ code from their UML diagrams and revere engineer code.

Besides, this software also includes some handy publishing options that enable users to share their models with HTML docs or export them to PDF for printing.

Moreover, using this platform you can profit from extensive features such as retina display support, extension manager for third-party extensions, model-driven development, fast modeling with shorthand edits, dark or light themes, etc.

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ConceptDraw Diagram

ConceptDraw Diagram is general-purpose diagramming software that users can utilize for software modeling. This is among the best diagram software alternatives to Microsoft Visio. ConceptDraw Diagram is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7 and Mac platforms.

ConceptDraw Diagram users can set up almost the full range of UML diagram types. The software includes a great range of drawing tools and item template galleries for diagrams.

Or ConceptDraw 12 users can set up UML diagrams by selecting one of its ready-made templates. The software incorporates live object tech, which is similar to Visio’s real-time data linking.

This application also includes great sharing options as it enables users to send diagrams via email, display them as presentations, export them to Adobe Flash or PDF formats, and save them as HTML for the web. Furthermore, ConceptDraw is fully compatible with Visio, which is a bonus for users who need to open Visio files.

So take your pick from those UML diagram applications. Visio and ConceptDraw are probably the best general-purpose diagramming software of those selected.

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However, StartUML, Edraw UML Diagram, and UMLet 14.3 might be better value alternatives for users who only need to set up UML diagrams.

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