What is UEFI?


The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a software that connects the operating system to the motherboard firmware. UEFI is the first software to launch when users turn on their computers. The tool then activates all the hardware components necessary for the operating system to run properly.

UEFI is expected to replace BIOS on all personal computers by 2020.

UEFI vs BIOS: Main differences

  1. The boot process is much faster on UEFI.
  2. UEFI is compatible with large drives (larger than 2TB), while BIOS cannot handle such drives.
  3. UEFI supports a series of additional features that improve computer security and make remote troubleshooting a lot easier. These features include secure boot, networking functions, and more.
  4. BIOS doesn’t have a modern UI, while UEFI features a simple UI that’s very easy to navigate.