How to remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 [Full Guide]

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  • Knowing how to remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 is very important if you want to keep your PC clean.
  • Microsoft Edge is the latest browser from Microsoft and has become the default browser for Windows 10.
  • If you're not pleased with it, continue reading the guide below on how to uninstall it completely.
  • For the best results, it is recommended that you use a specialized tool, but you can perform this action manually as well.
uninstall microsoft edge
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Windows 10 comes bundled with a new browser called Microsoft Edge, and although Microsoft Edge is designed as a successor to Internet Explorer, some users aren’t pleased with Microsoft Edge and they don’t want to use it at all.

In fact, some users even want to uninstall Microsoft Edge completely from Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge is a core component of Windows 10, and by uninstalling it you can potentially cause instability issues. Bear in mind that you’re removing Microsoft Edge at your own risk.

Quick Tip:

As you are planning to uninstall the Microsoft Edge browser from your Windows 10 operating system, is it extremely important to replace it with a powerful and secure browser.

Opera is by far the best option if you want stability, security, and versatility, while also capable of browsing the internet at lightning speed.

The built-in VPN service will always keep you protected from any prying eyes, and quick access to your favorite instant chat messaging apps is a very useful added feature.



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How do I uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10?

1. Use the Windows built-in uninstaller

  1. Press Windows Key.
  2. Type in Edge.
  3. Right-click Microsoft Edge.
  4. Select the Uninstall option and confirm your decision.
  5. Wait for your PC to remove the Microsoft Edge browser.
  6. Reboot your PC.

When it was first introduced, Microsoft Edge was designed to be a core system product, so uninstalling it means you had to manually delete core system files.

Not only was this complicated, but the chances of you leaving behind residual data was also very high.

Note: While this typical uninstall process is indeed a bit faster, residual files will still be left behind. While they don’t take up much disk space by themselves, repeating the process with other programs will eventually make the residual files add up over time, and take up precious disk space.

2. Use a dedicated software

Ever since it was first developed, Microsoft Edge has come a long way, and Microsoft has finally made it so that it can be uninstalled like any other typical app.

However, this also means that uninstalling Edge might leave behind residual files that may be hard to delete afterwards without deleting other system data by mistake.

To bypass this issue, you should consider using a professional uninstaller,  such as Revo Uninstaller.

This tool will make sure that no trace of any program will ever be left behind once you’ve decided to uninstall it.

This is thanks to the in-depth scanning abilities that it has, allowing you to perform either quick uninstalled, or longer and more through uninstalls, that will deleted all associated files as well.

Once you have downloaded Revo Uninstaller, here are the simple steps to uninstall Edge:

  • Run Revo Uninstaller and close all Edge tabs and windows.
  • Select Microsoft Edge in the list and click Uninstall.
  • Confirm restore point creation and start the process.
  • Revo makes it possible to also search for traces and residual files as the last step (recommended).
Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller

Uninstall Microsoft Edge fast and efficiently with the help of this professional uninstaller.
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By following these steps, you should be able to remove Microsoft Edge from your PC without any issue, and you can go ahead and use a totally different browser.

Feel free to share your experience with us by leaving a suggestion or comment in the section found below this guide.

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I use Zonealarm firewall and told it Edge was a malicious program. It attempts to pop up even after I also uninstalled and manually deleted it. I swear it is no longer on my PC. it still pops up for emails and player

After an update today, Edge started and prompted for permission to sync across all devices. I don’t want Edge to ever start and it seems to me likely unlawful for Microsoft to make it run without my permission. This is another piece of Microsoft bloatware that is really unwanted malware. The only time I want Edge to run is when certain video players are needed, only then at my request.

“If you don’t want to use Microsoft Edge, you can simply disable it, or use another web browser instead.”

That is not true, some components will open edge explicitly, no matter what you may set as default. Unless you amputate it…

Edge never runs because I have set all defaults to Opera. There are some apps that make Edge load, but I delete all unwanted Microsoft bloatware. Microsoft apps cannot install, but Edge is unaffected and runs OK. I would delete Edge if I felt it would not compromise the OS. Microsoft should have to get users’ permission to install unwanted apps via Windows Update.

Edge isn’t bad its just nothing really great. I’m sure plenty of people could use Edge and find it plenty fast, secure and capable. But I doubt highly that Chrome or Firefox users would drop their browser for Edge. It’s pretty obvious that Edge won’t impress many but the minimalist basic web surfer who doesn’t require much in a browser. Even then, I am sure many will eventually want something more.

Yes OK
But which folder & which files exactly?
Most people will be very uncertain about this & will therefore be ultra cautious.
So extra care needed when advising any “how to” – IMHO

SAME! Incredibly easy, I’m tempted to delete cortana too but i’m afraid she’ll try to kill me or something XD