How to safely uninstall Steam games on Windows 10

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We live in an era of digital game distribution and Steam is most likely the king of the hill. However, as the games become significantly larger, deleting some titles you rarely play is an obvious step.

This, of course, means you’ll need to download them again later through Steam, and if you have a data cap, this might be an issue. If not and you’re indeed low on space because of a darn game takes 70 GB, here’s how to safely uninstall Steam games.

How to remove Steam games without losing any progress

First method: Use the Steam client

Uninstalling games through the Steam client is as simple as the installation is. You’ll still get to keep your save games, but you might as well back them up. Don’t worry about your games, as they’ll still be available to download in the library.

Once you’ve deleted all local content, and considering how large modern titles are, this will get you a lot of free storage space.

But, without further ado, here’s how to safely uninstall a Steam game via the Steam desktop client:

  1. Open Steam client.
  2. Open Library.
  3. Right-click on the game you want to uninstall and choose Uninstall from the contextual menu.uninstall game via steam
  4. Confirm selection and you should be good to go.

Second method: Try the manual approach

On the other hand, if you prefer avoiding Steam desktop client, uninstalling games from the Windows Control Panel is not an option. However, as they are still stored on your HDD, you can delete them like any other folder or file.

The only thing worth knowing is the location where Steam is storing games locally.

Here’s how to safely remove a Steam game by hand:

  1. Close the game and Steam client.
  2. Navigate to Program Files (stored in System partition, usually C:).
  3. Open Steam, then steamapps and, finally, Common.safely uninstall Steam game manually
  4. Delete the folder of the game you want to remove.

And if you want to reinstall the game you’ve uninstalled before, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Steam client for Windows.
  2. Open Library.
  3. Choose the game you want to install from your Library. All of the purchased games are in the left-pane list.
  4. Click on the game and then click Install.
  5. Wait until the client downloads and installs the game.

Alternatively, you can just search for the game in the Store section and install it from there.

That’s it. The only remaining thing is to open Steam again and focus on something else worth acquiring. Hopefully, this was a helpful read and if that’s indeed the case, tell us in the comments section below.



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