FIX: The content of this message is unsupported Skype error

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  • Skype is a great instant messaging application, but like all other applications, it has its issues.
  • Many users reported that they are unable to make video calls due to The content of this message is unsupported error.
  • To fix this problem, you just need to download and install the Classic version on Skype.
  • Are you having more problems with Skype? If so, be sure to check our Skype section for more helpful guides.
Skype error The content of this message is unsupported
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If you’re getting the annoying The content of this message is unsupported Skype error, read this article to learn how to fix it.

This error message usually occurs when users initiate a video call. After about 60 seconds the call fails with The content of this message is unsupported error. It is worth mentioning that chat functionality is not affected.

This error affects all platforms, including Windows 10, Xbox, Android, iOS Skype, and it happens across the board even with Echo/Sound Test. Strangely enough, this problem is prevalent for Skype Home users, while Skype for Business seems to be immune to it.

Here’s how one user describes this problem:

In the last few days, when I try to initiate a video call with a friend using Skype Windows 10 App […], there is not answer and when the call stops ringing it ends with The content of this message is unsupported in my chat window. Is there a solution to this? What is going wrong?

How do I fix The content of this message is unsupported Skype error?

Download and install the Classic version of Skype

Many users confirmed that the best way to fix this problem is to download and install the classic version of Skype. Go to Skype’s download page and scroll down to the middle of it. You should see a blue rectangle informing you that Skype for Windows 10 is already in your computer but if you’d like to use the classic version of Skype you should click the download button.

This version is a desktop app style interface that also comes with menu bar and an annoying ad banner. You should also know that it uses a lot more resources than the newer version. But the good news is that this version works for users where the newer version fails. All the other functionalities are available.

The content of this message is unsupported error can be problematic, but we hope that this article helped you fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To perform a video call, select the contact that you wish to call and click on the Video call icon.

  • To test a video call, go to Settings > Audio & Video. Now make sure that your microphone and webcam are working correctly. If they work, you can proceed to make video calls.

  • No, Skype video calls aren’t saved on your computer or on Skype’s servers.

  • To fix Skype video calls, make sure that your drivers and Skype are up to date. Also, ensure that your webcam is properly configured on Skype.

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