Microsoft Rewards Account is Suspended? 3 Ways to Fix it

Get your account unsuspended the easy way!

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Key notes

  • While trying to redeem your Microsoft rewards, you may often come across a message: Uh oh, it appears your Microsoft rewards account has been suspended.
  • Some of the common reasons why your rewards account may be banned include a breach of the Microsoft Services Agreement or the use of a VPN.
  • When you violate the terms, like creating Microsoft rewards alt accounts using multiple emails, your account gets suspended.
how to unsuspend Microsoft rewards account

If you are trying to unsuspend your Microsoft Rewards account that recently got suspended, then you are at the right place.

Users often raise a concern when they have been trying to redeem the Microsoft Rewards in the morning or the day after, and all of a sudden, the platform says their account is suspended.

This is a common issue, where they first come across an error while trying to redeem the rewards, and then they are banned abruptly.

Therefore, while you must pay attention to the terms stated in the Microsoft Service Agreement, here are a few suggestions on how to unsuspend your Microsoft Rewards account if it already is.

Why is my Microsoft Rewards account suspended?

Microsoft keeps changing its rewards account rules every so often, and hence, you must stay updated at all times. Make sure that you review the Microsoft Service Agreement once every month to check if there are any new changes.

Some of the common reasons related to the agreement that may lead to the rewards account suspensions are:

  • Have multiple Microsoft Rewards accounts with different email addresses
  • Trying to use points beyond the limit
  • You have already redeemed 550,000 points per calendar year in the Program as per the agreement
  • The number of points or Rewards per person, per household, exceeds the set limit
  • Have multiple accounts on your mobile phone number
  • If you use a bot to perform searches
  • Using a VPN circumvents any restrictions on access to or availability of the Services
  • Online fraud, like phishing, account theft, etc.

So, if you are now wondering: How do I unsuspend my Microsoft Rewards account?, the below methods answer your question.

How to get unbanned from Microsoft Rewards?

1. Contact Microsoft Rewards Support

  1. Visit the Microsoft Rewards Support page and contact them about the issue.
  2. Under Describe the issue, enter the Issue Title. Enter the issue title in Microsoft Rewards support page
  3. Then proceed to enter your First Name, Last Name, the e-mail address where they will respond to you, and the email address associated with your Microsoft Account. Add the name, email address details in About You fields
  4. Next, go to What would you like assistance with? field and select your problem from the drop-down list. select problem from What would you like assistance with drop down
  5. Select Time Zone and then under the Please explain further section, fill in all the details related to your issue and click on Submit. Enter time zone and other details and submit
  6. They will investigate the account and determine whether or not it should have been suspended.
  7. When you receive an email from the support, save it to a folder for future reference, if the account remains suspended.

So, to answer your question – how long will my suspension last on Microsoft rewards? It may take 2 months or more to get unbanned. But you can get unbanned from Microsoft Rewards.

However, if it still doesn’t, move on to file an arbitration request.

2. Fill out the Binding Arbitration form

  1. To file an Arbitration request with Microsoft, begin by reading the Microsoft Services Agreement.
  2. Go to the Microsoft Rewards section and check the clauses if you have violated any of the requirements. Read the Microsoft Rewards clauses in the agreement
  3. If according to you, you have not broken any rules, navigate to the Binding Arbitration section.
  4. Click on the Arbitration and dispute resolution link in this section. open arbitration form link under Binding-arbitration
  5. Go to Demand for arbitration, expand, and download the Notice of Dispute form (PDF).download Notice-of-Dispute-form pdf
  6. Fill out the form and mail it to Microsoft. Then wait for 60 days for the dispute to be resolved.
  7. If unresolved after 60 days, download the Demand for Arbitration form (PDF). Fill it out and mail it to Microsoft. download Demand for arbitration form pdf
  8. Follow the rest of the process as mentioned in the section.
  9. An unbiased panel will be assigned to resolve your case, once they have all the facts in place.

Now, wait till the Microsoft Rewards support team gets back with an email response.

Note icon NOTE
Filing an arbitration with Microsoft is completely free unless you hire an attorney.

3. Turn off the VPN

If you are wondering, why did my Microsoft Rewards disappear, it could be well due to the fact that you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Considering that many of us are now working from home, using a VPN is common these days. It could also be possible that you are trying to use rewards from a country using a VPN, where it’s not officially supported.

Your Microsoft Rewards account may also get banned if you use a VPN to earn rewards on more than one account. Besides, it could also be due to an ad-blocker, some of which work actually work as VPNs.

In such a case, you can temporarily turn off the VPN when using the Microsoft Rewards website.

But if you are technically proficient, you can try and exclude all Microsoft apps and any browsers or other programs you might use to search Bing from your VPN.

What else can I do to fix my suspended Microsoft Rewards account?

If you performed all the steps above and you have contacted the Microsoft Rewards support team about the account suspension, please be patient till they revert.

However, here are some additional tips you may find useful:

  • Make sure to save all the emails you receive from the team in a separate folder
  • If you do not receive an answer from them that’s good enough, proceed to file the Arbitration form and include all the emails you’ve received from them
  • Before that, makes sure you read the Microsoft Services Agreement carefully, especially the Microsoft Rewards section
  • This will help you identify if you have breached any of the terms mentioned in the agreement

This issue is also reported with the Xbox game pass, and hence, in such cases also, you may contact Microsoft Rewards support.

If you know any other reason why your Microsoft Rewards account is suspended or a solution for it, do leave a comment below in the comments box.

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