Can’t redeem your Microsoft Rewards Robux card? Here’s why

Sinziana Mihalache
by Sinziana Mihalache
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  • Roblox fans are complaining that they can't redeem a Robux gift card Reward when joining Microsoft.
  • They can join the Rewards program, but the Robux points are not available.
  • Since the campaign seems active, users are confused.
  • A possible explanation has been offered by more experienced players and forum members.
can't redeem robux points

As part of their Rewards program, Microsoft currently advertises a 100 Robux eGift Card offer that has raised a lot of hype among Roblox fans.

The card would account for Roblox in-game money, which granted the players access to in-game accessories, avatar features, and other game perks.

The bad news is that many users have tried to join the campaign and redeem their points, but were unsuccessful. Disappointed, those who have spotted the campaign in due time, went online in search of answers.

The confusion is high since the campaign page is active and apparently working.

About a couple of hours ago today Microsoft rewards had the 100 Robux gift code for Roblox redeemable at 0 points. It said it was valid until march of 2021. For some reason this is no longer available – is it temporarily gone or permanent?

My guess is people abused it and Roblox / Microsoft shut it down temporarily or it could be an issue on my end, but I wanna know how long it will be gone or will it never come back?

Why can’t you claim your Robux?

robux points microsoft rewards

In order to claim your Robux points, your should join the Microsoft Rewards community. Two mandatory conditions are that you live in the US and be a new community member.

Further playing Roblox and shopping from Microsoft would earn you even more useful points to use for in-game acquisitions.

Although such campaigns are usually working, and that the page is still active, users can’t get beyond the main join page. When hitting the redeem button, they’re taken to all existing deals, but the free gift card is missing.

The explanation that advisors and other experienced users have is that Microsoft canceled the campaign because of multiple new accounts created by the same users abusively, to claim more points.

However, joining the Rewards program is conveniently still available so that new members can still receive Microsoft offers.

It seems that this is not the only campaign with such an outcome these days. Unless redeemed immediately after receiving the notification email, some rewards are lost. For any doubts, you can also contact Microsoft Rewards Support.

Since you’re here, you’ve probably tried unsuccessfully to claim your Robux points as well. Tell us about your experience.

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I couldn’t even find it. I have 0 robux so when I found out Via Flamingo it was huge that a multimillionaire company was giving out free robux. I have over 100 points (170)

When i redeem my card to get membership and go to take the test it I’m a human, I pick the first one and takes me back on the same page to the take test. By the way I have a Amazon tablet

When I clicked Redeem Now, it takes me to the main redeption page. I searched Robux, but it had no results (NEW, JUST FOUND IT TODAY)

they removed the ability to get free Robux, no matter if u use the website client or the Microsoft store client. People was abusing the ability to get tons of free Robux