Do this if your Uplay profile picture is not updating

Teodor Nechita
by Teodor Nechita
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fix uplay avatar wont change

If you love playing Ubisoft games, then you surely use Uplay as a launcher.

Besides the ability to buy and download games, DLCs, and read news, you can also chat with friends.

This is thanks to Uplay’s built-in messenger, where you can choose a nickname and an avatar to stand out.

The problem is that some users are reporting that their avatars aren’t updating when in-game.

I noticed recently that some people have actual pictures for their profile pic now, instead of that silly Uplay avatar. I went to change mine yesterday and it still shows my avatar in game instead of the pic I chose.

Apparently, the problem persisted more than 24h after the avatar was changes as well.

What to do if my Uplay avatar isn’t updating?

Responses on the official forums were quick to arrive:

Yep it may take some time. I have changed mine two days ago and it only show up yesterday. Hope it won’t be too long for you

At first glance, it just seems to be a matter of waiting it off, so you’ll just have to be extra patient.

However, if you are the impatient type, some users suggest that clearing your cache may help speed up the avatar change.

Wow I’m glad I found this thread! My cache was over 2gb lol. Was wondering why I was having storage issues

1. How to empty Uplay’s cache?

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc, which will open the Task Manager
  2. Select the Uplay entry
  3. Press the End Task button, in the botto-right corner
  4. Right-click the Uplay icon from either your desktop or Start Menu
  5. Select Open file location
  6. The default location is:
    C:/Program Files(x86)/Ubisoft/Ubisoft Game Launcher
  7. Change the name of the cache folder
  8. Launch Uplay again and see if your issue persists

Uplay avatar doesnt load clear cache

Cache files are known to cause issues with many programs, so why not clear them up with this great selection of tools?

However, some users reported that even when they cleared their cache they were still having problems with their avatars.

Mine too is not showing after clearing cache and its been more than 24 hours

If you also tried clearing your Uplay cache and the new avatar doesn’t load, you could try one more thing.

2. Chage your Ubisoft avatar from within the browser as well

UR browser Uplay profile picture is not updating
You could also visit your official Ubisoft profile account, and change the avatar from there as well. For this purpose we’d recommend using UR Browser.

UR Browser is similar to Chrome in terms of functionality, but it focuses heavily on user privacy and security.

UR browser already has a built-in malware scanner for downloaded files, and there is both tracking and phishing protection available.

If you need an additional layer of security, there’s a built-in VPN as well.

If neither of the solutions listed above work, do not hesitate to contact official Ubisoft support.