5 best video blocker extensions for your browser [2020 List]

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Ads are probably the most annoying thing on the internet. However, many sites live from ads, so it would be nice if you whitelisted at least your favorite websites, including Windows Report.

But something that can be equally annoying are unexpected autoplays or other unwanted video content.

We’re sure you don’t want to watch a ‘million dollar offer’ from a popup ad, or every single video on Facebook.

While Facebook’s videos are automatically muted, other video playbacks may disturb you if you stumble upon any. But, there’s a solution for this problem.

In this article, we’re going to present you five the best extensions for blocking unwanted video content on your browser.

Most of these extensions are for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But you can install them on other browsers as well.

Since we love Windows 10, we’d like to write about a similar extension for Microsoft’s browser, Edge, but unfortunately such an extension is not available for this browser, yet.


Some video blocker extensions might slow down your browser. Alternatively, you can opt for a browser that comes with a built-in feature that automatically blocks ads, such as UR Browser.download UR-Browser

UR Browser is a privacy-focused browser that lets you control if you want to accept or block ads on the websites you’re visiting.

This browser automatically blocks cookies and trackers that companies use to identify you as a user. This information is then used to create deep profiles about your preferences so that advertisers may send you the right ads.

Since UR Browser doesn’t require installing separate ad blocker extensions, you’re not running the risk of experiencing slow browsing issues.

Interested in testing UR Browser? Then hit the download link below to install it on your computer.

If you prefer to stick to your current browser, keep reading this article to learn what are the best video blocker extensions to use in 2020.

So, here are top five picks for the best video blocking extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Best video blockers for Chrome and Firefox

1. Video Blocker

video blocker extension

You constantly find annoying suggestions from a channel you hate on YouTube? The answer is probably yes, because we all do. But, there’s a solution for this problem, and it’s called Video Blocker. This handy extension for Chrome and Firefox allows you to block videos from absolutely any channel on YouTube.

You just go to YouTube, right-click on a video from a channel you want to block, and select the “Block videos from this channel” option. Once you do that, you won’t be seeing videos from that channel ever again, until of course, you turn it back on. If you don’t like this method, you can add channels to be black list manually, on the options page.

But that’s not all, you even can block videos containing a certain keyword in title. So, if you don’t want to see suggested songs from a singer you’re not fan of, just open Video Blocker, and enter the keyword.

You can download Video Blocker from the Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome, or from the Add-ons store for Mozilla Firefox.

2. Video Blocker Plus

video blocker plus extension

Video Blocker Plus allows you to block absolutely any video on Facebook. Whether it’s a video natively uploaded on Facebook, or a YouTube-embedded video. With this extension for Chrome, you can get rid of all videos on this social network.

This extension is specifically designed for Facebook, and it doesn’t work on other sites. While it does great job in blocking videos on Facebook, it still needs a couple of corrections, feature-wise. For example, Video Blocker Plus blocks ALL videos posted on Facebook. That means you cannot choose which videos you want to block. So, if you want to block just Facebook videos, but allow YouTube or Vimeo videos to be display, you’ll have to wait for the new version of this extension. If such feature ever gets released.

But if you want to clear Facebook of absolutely any video, you can’t go wrong with Video Blocker Plus.

You can download Video Blocker Plus from the Chrome Web Store.

3. Video Autoplay Blocker

video autoplay blocker extension

Video Autoplay Blocker is a simple Chrome extension for blocking HTML5 videos. Its usability is not limited to any sites, so you basically can use it to block videos everywhere. It is specifically designed to block HTML5 videos, so if you’re trying to block a flash video, this extension won’t be of much help.

When it comes to blocking YouTube videos, Autoplay Blocker has this site on the whitelist by default. So, if you want to block YouTube videos on Facebook, or the site itself, you should go to options, and remove YouTube from the whitelist.

Video Autoplay Blocker is available in Chrome’s Web Store, and you can install it for free.

4. Silent Site Sound Blocker

silent sound blocker extension

Don’t get confused, we put a sound blocking extension in a list with video blockers on purpose. Most users don’t need to block an entire video, they just don’t want to hear the sound from it. So, if you’re okay with having video playback, but you just want to loose audio, Silent Site Sound Blocker is perhaps the best solution.

This handy extension allows you to block audio from absolutely any site. All you need to do is to blacklist at certain site, and you won’t be hearing any audio from it. It features a lot of options for blocking sound in your browser. You can pick a certain site to mute, or you can make your browser completely silent, by blocking sound from all sites.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find such an extension in browsers other than Google Chrome. So, if you know about some sound-blocking extension for other browsers, please let us know. You can read our full review about Silent Site Sound Blocker here.

Silent Site Sound Blocker is available for download from Google Chrome’s Store.

5. Adult Blocker

adult blocker extension

You probably can tell what does this extension do, based on its name. That’s right, Adult Blocker is a great extension for parents worrying about their children accessing inappropriate content. With Adult Blocker, you can block any online content or site you don’t want your child to see/visit.

Adult Blocker allows you to add sites with inappropriate content to the black list manually, but also has its own mechanism of blocking automatically. This extension is programmed to analyze sites for ‘bad’ content and block them automatically. Because of that, some users have reported that it even blocked some safe sites, which can be annoying sometimes. In that case, you just need to whitelist that site, and you’re good to go.

You can download Adult Blocker from the Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome, or from the Add-ons store for Mozilla Firefox.

That should be all for our list of top five video blocking extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. What do you think about our choices? Do you know about some good video-blocking extension we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments.


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