5+ Best VPNs for WhatsApp to use it without geo-restrictions

by Tashreef Shareef
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  • WhatsApp has quickly raised through the ranks of instant messengers to become one of the most common platforms available.
  • With support for mobile, web and PC, WhatsApp is versatile, but some countries have restricted its use.
  • If you're unable to use WhatsApp from your current location, you might want to use a VPN.
  • VPNs can also protect your privacy while using WhatsApp. Check out our top picks below.
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WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging cross-platform app that is being used for text chats, voice chats, voice calls as well as video calls by over 1.3 Billion people around the world. It is easy to use, and that is one of the reasons why it became so popular among users.

While WhatsApp does have its advantages, certain countries have blocked access to WhatsApp due to government censorship. In some countries the censorship is partial. The users can send a text message but cannot make voice (VoIP) and video calls.

VPNs can help you in unblocking WhatsApp censorship in any country. However, not all the VPNs work the same. Authoritarian states have even blocked VPNs making it challenging to use WhatsApp without switching to a new VPN, every other day.

The easy to solution to this problem is to find a VPN provider who has thousands of server in different countries and can route your Internet traffic through the countries that do not have any restriction on WhatsApp.

In this article, we take a look at the best VPNs to unblock WhatsApp so that you can get back in touch with family and friends through WhatsApp.

Best VPNs to unblock WhatsApp

Private Internet Access (recommended)

protect your data with Private Internet Access

Price: $2.85/month


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Use PIA on 10 devices simultaneously
  • Encrypt your data to ensure maximum protection
  • Use over 3000 servers in over 45 countries
  • Stay anonymous with IP masking
  • Get rid of ads, trackers and malware


  • Slightly dated UI but still very easy to use

Even though some countries have tried to restrict internet access and what apps you can use, a VPN like Private Internet Access can allow you to bypass these restrictions with ease. Once you’ve signed up and installed the client, just select one of the thousands of servers and start browsing.

PIA’s military-grade encryption ensures that your data remains safe, being passed through a secure VPN tunnel and even in the event that it is intercepted, it would be unreadable by anyone.

Moreover, you can try PIA and see how well it protects your data and helps you bypass geo-restrictions with the guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with the results, you have a 30-day period to get reimbursed. We’re sure you’ll love using it, but the safety net is there if you’re unsure.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access allows you to use services like WhatsApp is regions where the app has been restricted. Enjoy a major discount right away!

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  • Price – $11.95 per month


  • Strong encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • Connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.
  • TOR, Netflix, WhatsApp support
  • Fast and reliable


  • Expensive month plans

NordVPN is fast and reliable. Slightly less expensive than ExpressVPN, it is based out of Panama making it the safest of the lot, and it comes with all the essential features to ensure your security and privacy online.

NordVPN is fast and maintains the speed consistently. On a 100Mbps connection, we got the following result on the EU server.

  • Upload Speed: 48 Mbps
  • Download Speed: 76 Mbps

We tested it for DNS leak and did not find any instance where it has been found unprotected.

Other add-ons that come with NordVPN include IP hiding for anonymous surfing, Kill Switch that disconnects the Internet if the VPN is interrupted and you can connect up to six devices at a time with one account which is better than 3 device limitation on ExpressVPN.

NordVPN has over 4800 servers located in 60+ countries which is good but not on par with ExpressVPN.

NordVPN is still expensive for monthly plans, but if you opt for yearly plans, the charges fall sharply. It also comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.




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surfshark vpn logo

  • Price -$11.95 per month for a monthly plan, or $1.99 per month for a 2-year plan


  • Strong AES-256 encryption technology and protocols
  • Unlimited devices are allowed
  • Torrent support, Extensive Netflix libraries access availability
  • Kill switch and a no-logs policy
  • Fast and stable


  • Not as many servers as some other providers

Surfshark has fast speeds and stable, secure connections. It’s available in over 50 countries with 800+ servers to choose from. This VPN provider does not restrict the use of torrents and provides you with the ability to access an extensive network of Netflix libraries as well as WhatsApp, Amazon Prime, and other popular applications.

You won’t see any skimping on encryption with this VPN. It offers the latest 256-bit technology and includes a no-logging policy so that only you know about your activity when you’re surfing or downloading a torrent. A kill switch will keep you anonymous if the server you’re using ever gets disconnected.

You’ll find the interface at all of the apps intuitive and easy to use, and speaking of apps, you’ll also find that Surfshark has done an excellent job providing private access to the internet for users who want to utilize all types of platforms, which range from Windows and macOS to Android, iOS, and Linux.

Surfshark doesn’t have a free trial, but it does have a 30-day guarantee that you’ll get your money back if you’re not happy with the VPN service. You can choose from three different pricing options when signing up for a subscription.



Worried about your privacy being breached while using WhatsApp? Try Surfshark.

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  • Price – $12.95 per month


  • Blazing fast VPN servers
  • Cross-platform support
  • Netflix and WhatsApp unblocking support
  • Strong encryption


  • Expensive monthly plans
  • Only 3 devices of the simultaneous connection

ExpressVPN is among the most recommended VPNs on the Internet, and that is for all the right reasons. The company is located in British Virginia; it is a fast, secure, and feature-rich VPN that allows you to unblock services like Netflix and WhatsApp with ease.

ExpressVPN has a strict no-logging policy and comes with an IP hiding feature. We also did not detect any data leak or DNS leak in our testing.

When tested on a 100 Mbps connection, ExpressVPN offered exceptional speed with the following stats :

  • Download Speed: 82 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 52 Mbps
  • Server: EU

On the privacy and security front, ExpressVPN comes with features like Kill-Switch, strong AES-256 encryption based on OpenVPN tunneling protocol, Linux support, and more.

You can unblock not only WhatsApp but also Geo-restricted services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC Network, etc. It also has torrenting support and compatible with TOR.

On the flip side, you can only connect up to 3 devices at a time using one account which can be a deal-breaker if someone wants to share it in a group. The monthly plans are also expensive when compared to other VPNs.

You can use the free trial on your smartphone to test it out, and it also comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee, just in case you are not satisfied with the service.



ExpressVPN can keep your privacy safe, even while using WhatsApp.

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  • Price – $10 per month


  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Up to 10 devices simultaneous connection support
  • Strong security and encryption features
  • 7-days money back guarantee
  • Netflix, WhatsApp, Torrent download support


  • US-based company

If you want to keep your identity under wraps, IPVanish can help you do it with its state of the art encryption and security protocols, and it’s strict no logging policy.

However, since the company is located in the US, you need to take the word of IPVanish that it won’t share your browsing data with the intelligence agencies.

The advantages of IPVanish over other VPNs include its state of the art security protocols and 10 simultaneous connections allowed on multiple devices which higher than any other VPN in the market.

IPVanish is fast. On 100 Mbps connection, we recorded the following result.

  • Download Speed: 82 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 43 Mbps

The speed is better than CyberGhost and on par with ExpressVPN. But, if you use any US based server, the speed drastically goes down to 33 Mbps for download and 20 Mbps for upload which is also the case with other VPNs.

The user interface is not the best of the lot, but doable. The users can select the servers based on country and city manually or let IPVanish find the best one for them. You can also view the upload and download usage stats through the app.

IPVanish does not log user data. It comes with the strong AES-256 bit encryption which is currently the best in the business.

While IPVanish does support torrenting and Netflix unblocking, it does not come with Tor compatibility.

IPVanish monthly plans are lower than any other VPNs mentioned until now. It also comes with a 7-days money-back guarantee. With all the features on offer, IPVanish definitely worth a try but only for those who are okay with their VPN provider being located in the USA.



Want to feel that your privacy is safe while using WhatsApp? Give IPVanish a try.

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Hotspot Shield

  • Price – Free limited plan/ $12.99 per month


  • Fastest VPN
  • Strong Encryption
  • Kill Switch support
  • Torrenting allowed and Netflix unblocking supported.
  • Up to 5 devices simultaneous connection


  • Some logging issue
  • Pricey monthly plans

Hotspot Shield is a free VPN that you can download on your smartphone as well as on your computer. It also comes with a premium Elite version which costs $12.99 per month.

Hotspot Shield is popular and has over 650 Million around the world making it one of the most popular VPN clients in the market today.

The free version of Hotspot Shield comes with a bandwidth cap. It also shows ads on the browser at times which means Hotspot Shield stores some user data to show relevant ads.

These issues do not exist in the premium Elite version. What sets Hotspot Shield apart from other VPNs is its speed.

We tested the VPN using a 100 Mbps connection and got the following results for the EU server.

  • Download Speed: 92 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 45 Mbps

The speed is even better on the UK server and marginally slower on Asian servers. However, for the US server, the speed is not good.

The user interface of Hotspot Shield is one of the best things about this VPN client. It displays the connection status, connected server and country, IP address along with up and down data usage stats.

You can download torrents and unblock Netflix using the VPN. However, it does not support Tor at the time.

Hotspot Shield is recommended if you want the fastest VPN for a short time and also if you are looking for a free VPN. It also comes with a money-back guarantee in case you bought the Elite plan and did not like the service.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield can keep your privacy safe, even while you're using WhatsApp.

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Apart from state authorities, WhatsApp is also blocked by educational institutions and private companies to prevent the employees and students from using WhatsApp.

As of now, there are at least 13 countries in the world, where the state authorities have completely banned WhatsApp for various reasons while some countries have only blocked the voice calling features of the app.

We have included VPNs that offer robust security and privacy features such as 256-AES encryption and Kill switch to keep your connection private and prevent any data leak while also allowing you to bypass any restrictions from the ISPs.

It is important that you select the right VPN as per your requirement and budget. Make sure that you go through all the points carefully before committing to any one of the VPN services recommended by us.

  • Sign up for Private Internet Access
  • Download the app for your device
  • Log in and connect to one of the thousands of servers worldwide
  • Use your device as normal to make WhatsApp video or voice calls
  • Your connection is not secure - websites you visit can find out your details:

    • Your IP
    • Your IP Address:

    Companies can sell this information, alongside your location and internet provider name, and profit from it by serving targeted ads or monitoring your data usage.

    Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

    We recommend Private Internet Access, a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes, you can use a VPN with WhatsApp is the VPN client has a corresponding app for your platform. Private Internet Access offers support for app major platforms: iOS, Android, Mac and Windows and you can protect up to 10 devices at once.

    • All data can be intercepted before reaching its destination. However, if you use a VPN like PIA, the data sent by your device is encrypted with military-grade algorithms, making it virtually unreadable to anyone other than the desired recipient.

      • Sign up for Private Internet Access
      • Download the app for your device
      • Log in and connect to one of the thousands of servers worldwide
      • Use your device as normal to make WhatsApp video or voice calls