We Happy Few crashes fixed in latest update

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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We Happy Few is one of the most popular games on Steam and Windows Store. The game is only in the preview stage, which makes this achievement even more important as it proves that gamers have noticed its potential.

Since We Happy Few is work in progress, this means that crashes and various issues should be expected. The developers are working hard to improve the gaming experience and reduce the number of potential issues, but sometimes bugs can go undetected.

Last week, thousands of gamers complained about various crashes on Steam and GOG that preventing them from advancing through the game. Fortunately, the game’s developers recently rolled out an update aimed at fixing all those annoying crashes.

This hotfix addresses the following crashes:

• Fixed some respawning issues where the game could crash or the player could fall through world.
• Fixed a crash for games that were autosaved while NPCs were in combat.
• Fixed a crash related to inventory getting corrupted when the stash was full and the game was saved.
• Fixed a crash related to some status effects getting removed twice (fixes toxic fog crashing).

You should now be able to enjoy a smooth, fluid gameplay and focus on how to hide the fact that you’re not really on Joy.

Compulsion Games also revealed that because of those crashes they decided to hold off on releasing the Xbox One update. Thanks to this hotfix, they’re going to push a more stable version of the game. The good news is that the next We Happy Few update for the Xbox One will be available this week.

Indeed, Xbox One gamers have also complained about game bugs and crashes, but the next We Happy Few update will fix all these issues.

I love the graphics on this game, the free roam, and the quests. I left one star off because of the bugs. I had to restart from the beginning several times due to bugs, glitches, and also the crashing that happens around day 30. The board and the quests changed everytime I restarted so I really enjoyed playing the different quests and relearning the boards. Great game! Can’t wait until it’s completed.

You can buy this amazing game from the Windows Store for $29.99.


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