5 Best Website Scanner Tools to Detect Malware Before it Strikes

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  • To make sure that the website you manage is not attacked by cyber threats, use the best website scanner.
  • We provide you with a tool that continuously improves its malware detection capabilities.
  • Another great program offers you an unlimited number of scans.
  • You can also choose a software that offers an in-depth scan of every file on your website.
What are the best website scanner tools

Even if you know and follow all the necessary security measures on your own when you’re managing your website, you will never be able to keep up and catch all malware and the vulnerabilities on your own.

That’s when a website vulnerability scanner comes in quite handy. Vulnerability scanners can help you automate security auditing, and they can play a massive role in your overall IT security.

These tools can scan the website for malware and all kinds of security risks, at the same time producing a prioritized list of those that you should patch.

Vulnerability scanners also describe the vulnerabilities and offer you steps on how to fix them.

There are lots of website scanner tools on the market, and we picked five of the best to help you make your choice easier. Make sure to check out their features to be able to make the best decision.

What are the best website scanners to use this year?


Guard.io is a browser extension that uses advanced cloud-based detection technologies to identify and stop web-based cyber attacks.

This utility works as an antivirus for your browser and it blocks threats before they get a chance to reach your PC.

It is easy to install and set up. Once you get it, it starts scanning your browsers and lets you know if it finds anything suspicious.

Web browser threats come in the form of trackers, malicious scripts, and malicious browser extensions.

Guard.io is able to find and remove all these, allowing you to have a cleaner browsing experience.

Not only that, but it is also able to detect real-time threats such as phishing attempts.

These are most often disguised in emails that require your information and form-filling websites. The tool will alert you and block these attempts.

Other key features of Guard.io include:

  • Blocks pop-ups and unwanted notifications
  • Monitors data breaching activity
  • Removes existing malware from your device

Guardio is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Edge. It is a good addition to your security toolbox, making it less likely for your device to get infected.


Keep hackers at bay with this powerful anti-malware browser extension.
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This is a website vulnerability scanner online that offers complete security for websites. Using this tool, you will be able to protect your online success.

You can check out the complete set of features that are included in Quttera and try this free website vulnerability scanner on the official website.

Take a look at the best features that are included in this website scanner tool below:

  • The website scanning engine is backed up with a reliable infrastructure, and it is undergoing all kinds of harness tests in order to deliver fantastic performance.
  • This tool is continuously enhancing malware detection capabilities to provide customers effective tools against the most sophisticated and evolved web threats.
  • You will get instant alerts to remove malware from your website before the significant engines including Bing, Google, and Yahoo blacklist it in their search results.
  • When you face an online attack, the experts from Quttera will offer their help.
  • The program provides both internal and external monitoring.
  • It can detect 0-day threats with non-signature based technology.
  • You will receive instant notifications and also malware reports.

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Detectify is a web security scanner that is able to perform a fully automated set of tests in order to identify security issues on your website.

It will check for more than 700 vulnerabilities, and it will scan your website for malware continuously.

Detectify Crowdsource is a network of more than 100 handpicked security researchers who combine extensive knowledge with automation.

Check out more features of this impressive tool:

  • The program comes with a scanner that checks your website for various vulnerabilities.
  • The latest security tests are submitted by ethical hackers.
  • You will benefit from an unlimited number of scans.
  • There’s an extensive knowledge base that includes over 100 remediation tips.
  • You will be able to share reports thanks to the team functionality easily.
  • This website scanner provides integration with popular tools such as Slack, Jira, and PagerDuty.

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SiteGuarding includes a website antivirus, website firewall, and website files change monitoring services. This security tool will successfully protect your website against malware and hacker exploits.

When you’re in trouble, you will be able to get a professional consultation from engineers and security experts.

You can read the complete set of features that this website vulnerability scanner has to offer and try out SiteGuarding on the official website.

Take a look at the most important features that are packed in this program:

  • This service develops the highest-grade security tools for maximum website protection.
  • The release of a virus update is immediate once a new threat pops up and is analyzed.
  • You will get 24/7 professional support from security experts.
  • This tool uses strong and unique algorithms for detecting unknown viruses and the newest threats.
  • SiteGurading provides a deep scan of each and every file on your website, and it offers unique security solutions that are able to guarantee that your website will be up all the time.
  • It can also help remove your website from blacklists if that is the case.
  • The security tools included in this program can work on any type of servers, any CMS and custom developed websites and apps.
  • SiteGuarding provides an online tool to check your files and a complete antivirus solution for your websites.
  • You will get a daily update of the virus database.

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Comodo Web Inspector

This is another excellent website malware scanner. This tool will scan online a particular webpage. All you have to do is enter the URL of the desired webpage in the designed space, and you will get a malware report.

Comodo Web Inspector also provides businesses website malware scans and even removal services for free.

All you have to do is provide your personal details along with your website address, and this tool will scan the website for malware and vulnerabilities. The security analysts will fix your website for free.

Check out more exciting features that are included in this tool:

  • Your website security scan report will be available within a couple of minutes.
  • In order to get a sufficiently detailed website security scan report, you have to sign up with Comodo Web Inspector.
  • The scan limit is 50 web pages if you select the Starter plan.
  • If you select the Pus option, you will be able to perform 250 scans.
  • If you decide to choose the Premium plan, you can perform 700 scans.
  • If you go for the Enterprise plan, you can scan 1000 web pages.

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Tinfoil Security

Tinfoil Security will first audit your website against the top 10 vulnerabilities, and it will let you know other known security holes.

These are five of the best website scanner tools that you can currently find out there, and they each come with their very own unique set of features.

We recommend that you head straight to their official websites and analyze their capabilities before you decide which one is the best tool for your needs.

Check out more features that you will benefit from if you choose Tinfoil Security:

  • You will get an actionable report and the option to re-scan once you are done with all the necessary fixes.
  • The entire setup process will require about five minutes.
  • You will be able to scan if your website is protected or if it’s behind single sign-on.
  • Using, Tinfoil Security, you will be able to push security up to stack and empower developers to fix the website’s vulnerabilities.
  • This tool was able to discover 2,453,930 vulnerabilities by now, and the usable reports make it really easy to fix them.

Get Tinfoil Security

These tools will help you scan your website for malware on-demand whenever you want to, but we also recommend that you schedule them for automatic security scans just to be sure that you get enhanced chances for total protection.

If you have a website, it’s essential to use a tool that scans it for security vulnerabilities to make sure that everything works great. Never underestimate the security area of your website.

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