You can backup your WhatsApp files to OneDrive

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With its new update for non-beta Windows Phone clients, the already popular messaging platform WhatsApp has become a whole lot better with the introduction of OneDrive support and GIF support, two features that were inaugurated in the app’s beta release. What we didn’t expect was WhatsApp to release a stable version so soon after the beta version’s unveiling. The new version number for WhatsApp is

A host of new features that were previously introduced in the beta app are now provided to Windows Phone users, allowing them to backup chat history and messages through the OneDrive integration.

The backup feature is customizable, which means WhatsApp provides its users the authority to backup their data on daily, weekly and monthly basis, or even not at all if they disable it from settings. Furthermore, users can disable auto-backup while on mobile data and customize it to start the backup process only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

There is also a GIF support lined up in the update. Well, not actually a GIF, more like a cropped piece of a video, cut to second seconds or less that can be sent as a GIF. The feature has persisted for Android and iOS user for a long time and it’s exciting that Windows have it for themselves as well.

Another cool addition is the wide set of emojis landing on the platform. The new emojis are basically an update of emojis existing on iOS 10, which are quite frankly even worse than the Windows 10 emojis. But for some uncanny reason, WhatsApp uses the iOS emojis across all platforms for its app.

You can get the latest update here. Let us know how well this update works for you in the comments.


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