How to use two OneDrive accounts on one computer

2 minute read

Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud storage services out there, with millions of users worldwide. However, OneDrive has its downsides, which makes a lot of people complain about Microsoft’s policies for its service.

One of the most requested features for OneDrive is the ability to use multiple accounts in the same folder. Many users have two or more OneDrive accounts and having everything in one place would definitely save them a lot of time. This also applies to users who want to have more OneDrive space, since Microsoft recently cut it down to 5GB per account.

Despite the high amount of requests, Windows’s OneDrive folder is still not capable of managing multiple accounts, and according to Microsoft, it probably never will be. But don’t panic, there’s actually a way to use multiple OneDrive accounts in one folder, so you can have content from everywhere in one place, and in this article, we’re going to show you how.

How to use multiple OneDrive accounts in one folder

To be able to use multiple OneDrive accounts on one computer you don’t need any hacks or tricks, all you need to do is to take advantage of OneDrive’s capabilities. You basically just need to share content from another OneDrive account to yourself, and you’ll be able to access everything from a single folder. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, log in your ‘secondary’ OneDrive account on the website
  2. Create a new folder, we’ll call it ‘Shared’ multiple onedrive accounts windows
  3. Move all content from your OneDrive account to the new folder you just created
  4. Select that folder, and go to Share option
  5. Select Email, and send the folder to your primary Microsoft Accountmultiple onedrive accounts windows3
  6. Now you shared the folder with yourself, so you need to log in to your ‘primary’ Microsoft Account, and accept the shared folder from your email client
  7. Once you accept the shared folder, it will appear in the OneDrive folder on your computer, as well as in the web version, and you’ll be able to access all content from your secondary OneDrive account from one placemultiple onedrive accounts windows4

There you go, you had to do it ‘the other way,’ but you’re now able to use multiple OneDrive accounts on one computer. In case you want to sync more than two accounts, just repeat steps from above for each account individually.

In case you have some comments, or questions about using two or more OneDrive accounts on a single computer, just let us know in the comments.


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