Why you should upgrade your operating system to Windows 10/11

by Ivan Jenic
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  • Microsoft continues to work on improving the overall PC experience, which is why it's making the great Windows 10 available to users.
  • This OS comes with significant differences in the Start Menu and brings the personal assistant to the PC.
  • It also introduces more task viewer desktops and a bright new default web browser.
  • Most importantly for fans, gaming in Windows 10 will revolve around the new Xbox app.
Upgrade your operating system to Windows 10
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Everyone is talking about Windows 10 for months, news and updates about the system are coming out every day.

Windows 10 Technical Preview is already very popular with more than 5 million insiders. Many more millions of users are currently running the stable Windows 10 OS versions.

But if you still have some confusions whether you should upgrade your system to Windows 10, we’re going to present you the most important features and reasons to upgrade to this innovative OS.

Why should I upgrade to Windows 10?

1. Start Menu differences

Start menu was one of the most recognizable features of Windows operating systems for decades, and Microsoft’s decision to remove it in Windows 8 definitely represented a big change.

But Windows users definitely weren’t ready for such a change. They were unsatisfied with the new Metro environment, and a lot of users complained about the lack of start menu.

start menu wind8apps

Microsoft was well-aware of the situation and the company decided to fulfill the wish of millions of users and return start menu in the next Windows.

But what to do with all those apps designed for Metro environment? The company couldn’t just throw them away.

So Microsoft came up with a compromise, as it combined traditional start menu with Metro apps to get a brand-new look of Windows 10 Start menu.

Reviews are positive, and Microsoft definitely made the right move with returning start menu to Windows platforms, because it satisfied users who were against start screen, as well as users who loved Metro apps.

If you’re looking to upgrade your OS, we definitely recommend making the jump to Windows 10. Check out the best Windows 10 editions, and find which one is right for you.

2. Cortana

Besides start menu, Cortana is also one of the most notable additions to Windows 10.

Microsoft firstly introduced Cortana to its Windows Phone platform with 8.1 update, and was the last of major manufacturers who released a virtual assistant for its mobile platform.

But Microsoft was first to bring the personal assistant to PC platforms, which is definitely a noteworthy innovation.

With Cortana you can search web, but also local files and folders on your computer.

It is also very customizable and very personal virtual assistant, as it recognizes things you like and provides you with content based on your interests.

Cortana will also be integrated with Microsoft’s new browser, Project Spartan or Edge, so you can use its help while you’re browsing, right on the webpage.

Cortana is a very useful assistant, so if you decided to remove it, we can help you bring it back. Just check out our detailed guide and see how to enable Cortana after disabling it.

3. Multiple desktops and Task view

Cortana isn’t the only thing Microsoft took from portable devices, because Windows 10 features a brand-new Task Manager and the option of creating multiple desktops.

Virtual desktops feature allows users to create multiple desktops, and pretend like they’re working with multiple monitors.

This feature could be extremely useful if you want to work with multiple programs at once.

task view wind8apps

Next is the Task view feature which allows us to easily control our tasks, just like we do on mobile devices.

Task view button is present in the taskbar, next to the search bar, but you can also access it by pressing alt + tab buttons.

With this task manager, you’ll be able to swiftly switch between tasks, manage and close them, and it will definitely increase the productivity of Windows 10 users.

Also, if you’re an advanced user, or if you’re looking for a Task Manager alternative, check out our list of the best apps with advanced features for task management.

4. Xbox and gaming features

Microsoft is preparing a lot of great, new things for gamers with Windows 10.

Basically, gaming in Windows 10 is going to be all around the new Xbox app, but this app offers a lot of features.

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You’ll be able to chat with friends, track your activity feed, check leaderboards, etc.

Also, you’ll be able to stream your Xbox One games on your PC, which means that you could play and watch all your Xbox One games on your computer.

Xbox app goes to the point where it will allow you to play Xbox games on PC with friends who play the same game on the console.

This is another addition to Microsoft’s Windows 10 cross-platform philosophy.

xbox app wind8apps

Also, we expect the new DirectX 12 to be released for Windows 10. The new DirectX will definitely improve graphics of the games and bring the new experience to PC gamers whose graphics cards could support it.

If you don’t know how to enable DirectX 12 in Windows 10 for any game, take a closer look at our comprehensive guide and find the best solution.

5. Windowed apps

Along with Start Screen, Microsoft introduced Metro apps in Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

There are a lot of useful Metro apps in the Store, but users simply don’t like the fact that these apps use the whole screen.

So a lot of people disapproved this feature, just like it was the case with start menu. Luckily, Microsoft fixed this as well.

windowed apps wind8apps

Of course, the company couldn’t allow itself to simply remove all those apps from the store, because a lot of effort and a lot of money were put in them.

So Microsoft decided to redesign them a little, as they’re now available in the windowed mode, just like other regular programs.

This is much better for PC users, because previous design of apps just wasn’t desktop-friendly, and some users had hard time using it.

But in Windows 10 size of apps’ window is easily customizable, so you can adjust it by your desire.

6. Default web browser

It looks like Microsoft developed a habit of ending an era with its new operating system.

Like it was the case with start menu in Windows 8 (luckily, the company decided to revive it), Microsoft sent Internet Explorer to history after nearly 20 years of lasting.

Internet Explorer will be replaced by new Microsoft’s browser, Project Spartan/Edge in Windows 10.

This Microsoft’s move might actually be good, because although Internet Explorer is the most famous browser in the world, it’s not famous for great performances.

People are mocking Internet Explorer for years, because it’s slower than competitors, and introducing a new browser could attract users’ attention in a good way.

project spartan wind8apps

As for Microsoft Edge, we can’t tell you much about the performance, because like the system itself, it’s still in its early testing phase, but it surely offers some new, refreshing features.

It is powered by EdgeHTML engine, a new layout engine, created from Internet Explorer’s Trident.

It also has some other Microsoft’s products integrated, like personal assistant Cortana, which will improve your searching, and Microsoft OneDrive.

It also has a new Reading View option, which will bring a new dimension to the reading experience.

7. Conclusion

Microsoft is putting big hopes into Windows 10, as it’s the company’s most innovative operating system ever.

It combines something from every previous Windows with new additions, so whether you liked Windows 8 or not, you’re going to love Windows 10, because it offers a lot.

Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 is going to be the last version of Windows, so you definitely should be a part of such a huge and historic project.

UPDATE: Since the writing of this post, the number of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users has constantly been decreasing. Many users decided to switch to Windows 10 in order to take advantage of the latest OS features and system improvements.

If you decide to upgrade to Windows 10, check out our detailed guide and see how to install the Windows 10 May 2021 update.

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