Microsoft confirms Windows 10 2004 is the next OS version

by Matthew Adams
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Microsoft has recently rolled out a 19033 preview build for the Windows 10 20H1 Update. That update is available for both Slow and Fast ring Windows Insiders. The most interesting thing about the 19033 preview build, however, is that it shows users the next version will be Windows 10 2004.

It was previously expected that the upcoming Windows 10 version would be version 2003 as previous spring releases ended with the 03 marker. However, the 19033 preview build shows that the 20H1 Update will be for Windows 10 2004. Microsoft confirmed that on the update’s blog post by stating, We have chosen to use 2004 as the version to eliminate confusion with any past product names (such as Windows Server 2003).

Microsoft also appears to be a little ahead of schedule with the 20H1 Update. It has already been leaked that the big M has finalized features for Windows 10 2004. Thus, Microsoft has now released the 19033 preview build for Slow ring users as well as those in the Fast ring. It has been speculated that the big M might move the 20H1 Update to the RTM stage during December.

The 19033 preview build includes nothing new in the way in features. Instead, it provides a series of fixes. Furthermore, it does not include any watermark on the desktop’s bottom right corner. The absence of a watermark further highlights that Microsoft is very nearly finished with the 20H1 Update.

All this means that Microsoft might release the 20H1 Update a little earlier than usual during the first half of 2020. The big M rolled out Windows 10’s 2019 spring update from May, which was a little later than the more typical April release month. However, with the 20H1 Update seemingly ahead of schedule, Windows 10 2004 might feasibly become available in March or early April 2020 at least.

What Is New in Windows 10 2004?

Windows 10 2004 incorporates some interesting new features. Automatic Bluetooth pairing will come in handy for users who utilize Bluetooth devices with their laptops and desktops. Windows 10 2004 will be able to automatically detect Bluetooth devices and initiate the pairing process without any user intervention required.

Windows 10 2004 will include a new Cloud download option for resetting the platform. The Reset this PC window includes the Cloud download option shown directly below. That enables users to download an image copy of the OS directly from Microsoft cloud servers when reinstalling Windows.

The Windows Update tab in Settings will also include a new View optional updates option. Clicking View optional updates opens a list of optional updates for things like drivers. Then users can update Windows 10 by selecting some of the optional updates.

Chromium Edge is also nearing completion. Microsoft will probably release its revamped flagship browser before the 20H1 Update. Thus, Windows 10 2004 might also include Chromium Edge.

Users can now try out Windows 10 2004 in the Slow ring by joining the Windows Insider Program. It looks like that version will at least include more new features than Win 10 1909 that Microsoft released in November 2019.


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