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Are you struggling to work on your computer because Windows 10 switches to Airplane mode every now and then? Well, worry no more because we’ve got just the right solutions to help resolve the problem. Try any of the fixes listed below and see if it goes away.

FIX: Windows 10 airplane mode keeps turning on

  1. General troubleshooting
  2. Perform a clean boot and then an SFC scan
  3. Modify the Network Adapter Properties
  4. Disable Non-Microsoft Services
  5. Disable and Enable Network Connection
  6. Update Driver Software of your Network Adapter
  7. Uninstall the Wireless Adapter and reboot
  8. Switch off Radio switch device
  9. Run network troubleshooter

1. General troubleshooting

Even if your computer has a switch for airplane mode, it could turn off your Wi-Fi such that other apps turn on the connection back again without your knowledge. In order to turn off airplane mode, do this:

Action Center

  • Press Windows button + A to open Action Center
  • Click Airplane mode quick action button

  • Toggle it off to turn off airplane mode

Network Notification Area

  • Click on the Network icon in the taskbar notification area click Airplane mode to toggle it off

Use Settings

  • Click Start and select Settings

  • Click Network and Internet

Surface Pro won't connect to WiFi Windows 10

  • Click Airplane mode on the left pane

  • Turn it off from the right pane and close the Settings window

2. Perform a clean boot and then an SFC scan

A clean boot is performed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This helps eliminate software conflicts that occur when you install a program. To do this:

  • Log on as administrator, and type msconfig in the search box
  • Select System Configuration
  • Find Services tab

  • Select Hide all Microsoft services box

There is insufficient disk space to complete operation

  • Click Disable all
  • Go to Startup tab
  • Click Open Task Manager

There is insufficient disk space to complete operation

  • Close Task manager then click Ok
  • Reboot your computer

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Perform an SFC scan using the steps below:

This lets you scan your computer system for any corrupt files and fixes these corruptions in the system files. To do this:

  • Click Start and type CMD in the search bar
  • Right click Command Prompt in the search results and select Run as administrator

  • Type sfc /scannow and press enter
  • If there are no errors from the scan, restart your computer and see if the Windows 10 minimizes all windows issue recurs

3. Modify the Network Adapter Properties

  • Right click the Start and select Device Manager from the menu.
  • Expand the Network adapters, right click on the network adapter of you device and select Properties.

Surface Pro won't connect to TV

  • Select Power Managementtab from the pop-up dialog box and uncheck the item Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
  • Click OK.

4. Disable Non-Microsoft Services

Some programs or services can lead to the Windows 10 switches to airplane mode issue. You could try to disable some non-Microsoft services to fix the Windows 10 airplane mode not turning on or off errors. If you know the specific program, disable it directly. If not, it may take your time to single it out from the list. To do this:

  • Right click Start and select Run
  • Type msconfig into the box and press enter.
  • Select the Service tab, check Hide all Microsoft services

Windows Defender is not removing Trojan

  • Click the button Disable then click Apply.
  • Select the Startup tab, and click Open Task Manager.
  • Select Startup tab from the new pop-up dialog and disable all the startup items.

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5. Disable and Enable Network Connection

  • Click Start and select Settings.
  • Click Network & Internet

ExpressVPN blocked by Hulu

  • Click the WiFi segment of settings on the left pane.

  • On the right pane of WiFisettings click the Change adapter options link
  • An isolated window pops up displaying your wireless connections.
  • Right-click on the wireless connection and click the Disableoption to disable your wireless connection.
  • Right click on the same connection and selectEnable.

6. Update Driver Software of your Network Adapter

  • Right click Start and select Device Manager
  • Look for Network Adapter option and expand it to see its entire list.
  • Right click on your wireless adapter and click Update driver
  • A variant window emerges which asks you to choose the way to update the driver software.
  • Click Windows should automatically install the best driver An online search will start for the driver to be updated.
  • You will get a confirmation message which says Windows has successfully updated your driver software.
  • Exit the window by closing it

Sometimes, it is better to let third-party software update the necessary drivers. We strongly recommend you to use a dedicated tool in order to update your drivers. Download TweakBit’s Driver Updater Tool (approved by Microsoft and Norton) to do it automatically and prevent the risk of downloading and installing the wrong driver versions.

Disclaimer: Some functions of this tool are not free.

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7. Uninstall the Wireless Adapter and reboot

  • Right click Start and select Device Manager

  • Double click Network Adapter option and look for your wireless modem you are running.
  • Right click on your modem name and tap Uninstall.
  • ClickUninstall button to confirm the uninstall process.
  • Now restart your computer and find the driver installed itself.

Rebooting your computer will re-enable the services you’ve disabled one by one to find out the problematic services or programs that result in the Windows 10 switches to airplane mode error. Once you figure them out, disable them again.

8. Switch off Radio switch device

  • Right click Start and select Device Manager
  • Find Human Interface Device

  • Note that now Fn+Fkey for switching on/off airplane mode is disabled

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9. Run network troubleshooter

Sometimes when Windows 10 switches to airplane mode, it could be caused by any factory installed software to save your battery, or wireless communication could be turned on and off in Windows. Additionally, it could be caused by using a keyboard key or button, as it is possible that while typing you are accidently clicking on the hot key that has been trapped for Airplane mode.

To run the network troubleshooter, do the following:

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard to open the search bar
  • Type Troubleshooting in the search and open it
  • Under Troubleshooting click on Network and Internet

  • Start the troubleshooter

Were you able to get the Windows 10 switches to airplane mode fixed using any of these solutions? Let us know what worked or what other issues you may have by leaving a comment in the section below.



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