Windows 10 Anniversary Update causes BootCamp problems

by Ivan Jenic
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As the Anniversary Update is now available  for free to all eligible users, even those who don’t run Windows 10 machines, but have a valid license, can install it, as well. Yes, we’re talking about Mac users, who are now able to install the Anniversary Update on their devices, using Boot Camp.

But just like the Anniversary Update caused some problems to users of regular Windows 10 devices, it bothered Boot Camp users with a few issues. Some people who tried to install the Anniversary Updates reach Apple’s forums to complain about two issues they encountered upon, or when trying to install the Anniversary Update.

The first issue is the installation problem, which is one of the most common Windows 10-related issues on every platform. Here’s what one Mac user said about the installation issue he encountered when trying to install the Anniversary Update on his Boot Camp:

“I’m trying to update my Boot Camp installation to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and it keeps failing at 71% when setting up Windows. It suddenly reboots and reverts back to the previous version of Windows 10 1511. No error messages are given that show why the installation failed after booting back to the old version.

I tried it through Windows Update and the Windows 10 upgrade assistant and both don’t work. The Media Creation Tool fails with the error 0x8007042B – 0x3000D with the message “The installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during the MIGRATE_DATA operation”.”

Apparently, installation issues are not only problems that bother Mac users when installing the Anniversary Update. Even more users who installed the Anniversary Update noticed that some parts of their partitions, or even a whole partition disappeared upon installing the update.

“I have a Retina MacBook Pro (Late 2013) with Mac OS El Capitan, dual-booting with Windows 10 with Boot Camp installed. Everything was working fine until I installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update today; now Windows no longer mounts the Mac partition. I successfully reinstalled the latest Boot Camp drivers, but Windows still won’t show me the Mac partition. (Booting into Mac OS works fine.)”

Unfortunately, there are no known solutions for these issues, yet, as neither Microsoft or Apple said anything about these issues or a potential fix. However, we wrote an article about Boot Camp issues some time ago, so you might check it out, and see if it actually offers a solution for your problem.

Have your tried to install the Anniversary Update on Boot Camp? What are your experiences? Tell us in the comments.


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