Windows 10 build 14965 issues: installation fails, internet problems, and more

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Windows 10 Preview build 14965 is here. The new build brought a couple of new features, and system improvements, but also caused its fair share of issues to insiders who installed it.

As always, Microsoft presented a list of known issues for both PC and Mobile. Judging by Microsoft’s list, build 14965 is not so bugs-plagued. However, things are often different in real life, as users usually encounter more problems than Microsoft originally warned them about.

That’s where our traditional report article comes in. To warn all Insiders about all potential issues that can occur in Windows 10 Preview builds. We’ve been wandering around Microsoft’s forums since the build got released, in search for problems reported by actual users. Here’s what we’ve found.

Windows 10 Preview build 14965

As usual, the majority of users are experiencing various installation issues, across all devices. Numerous installation problems occurred, including installation fails, stuck installation, freezing, critical errors, and more. Here’s what some Insiders said on the forums:

  • “Download went thru. Then stays at 5% preparation and finally ends with error code 0x800703f1Reboot or retry doesn’t solve the issue.

  • I kicked off the download for 14965 on my HP Elite x3 last night and this morning I got the message that there were problems installing the update and an error code 0x80188302. If I found the correct message on MSDN it means that the image is already installed, however it is not. The info page still shows 14959.

  • My Surface Pro 3 is freezing at 22% on the final step of the install. Leaving for an hour does not progress. Forced restart runs smooth till 22% then freezes again. Three times same result. Ran Windows 10 Update Trouble shooter, it tells possible corruption of update files and fixes. Ran update again, once again has frozen at 22% ?”

Solutions for the installation problems in Windows 10 Preview builds are already known. If you’re experiencing one of these issues, just disable your third-party antivirus program, or reset the Windows Update process.

On the other hand, even those who managed to install the build without any problems had other problems. One user reported on the forums that he’s unable to browse the internet normally:

“In Edge, Chrome & Firefox. No images, page load fails. Forever having to load/refresh to complete full page. Often see following error in Chrome: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

Unfortunately, no one had a proper solution for this problem. If you’re experiencing the issue with internet browsing, as well, you can try some solutions from our article about browsing problems in Windows 10, but we cannot guarantee any of the solutions will surely help.

Many users also report that this build is missing the ESD file, required for creating an ISO image for manual install.

“Am I the only preview user on Build 14965 without ESD file to convert to ISO file. Checked file explorer for esd file with no luck.”

We don’t know what possibly could cause this, so, if you know what’s going on, please let us know in the comments.

Next, one user reported that taskbar icons are missing after he installed the new build.

“After the build 14965 applied, I came back back without icons in my taskbar. I added them back however after a reboot, they disappear again.”

No one had a proper solution for this problem on the forums. However, you can check out our article about taskbar problems in Windows 10, for potential solutions.

Another Insider reported that he’s unable to receive notifications in the Action Center from the Mail and Calendar apps.

“Mail and Calendar apps are no longer able to display notification message and sound in Action center. It is not listed in All Settings, Notifications & actions, under Get notifications from these senders. I have already tried to uninstall it, reboot and install again but no luck. Is there any special procedure (PowerShell command etc) required to register it as notification sender ?”

Once again, no one had a proper solution for this problem. So, if you know what’s going on, let us know in the comments.

And finally, one Insider complained that he’s unable to send SMS messages after he installed build 14965 on his Windows 10 Mobile device.

“Anyone else noticed that texting doesn’t work? I see that there is a new txt, but when I try to open it just hangs and kicks out, I can’t even change the default app to Skype, or anything else for that matter. Microsoft needs to fix this ASAP!”

This is a serious problem, but apparently, no one has addressed it yet. If this problem keeps appearing in Windows 10 Preview builds, Microsoft will definitely need to perform some actions to fix it.

That’s all for our report article about issues in Windows 10 Preview build 14965. Judging by the number of reported problems, we can say this build is less troublesome than some of the previous builds, and it’s safe for Insiders to install it.

If you’ve encountered some problems we didn’t list here, feel free to let us know in the comments.


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For those with the freezing at 22% issue, I heard that removing the SD card allows the update to proceed normally. I’m going to try that tomorrow.

I had a much more serious problem – turned on Bitlocker for the primary drive, got a blue screen at about 8%. On the reboot, of course, the drive is locked so it required the Bitlocker recovery key. I stored it in a way that required me to go through quite a process before I could get to the keys, since I unknowingly left the security token to the account in a VM on the now-locked drive. Fortunately, after looking through the various recovery options and checking to see if I had a Restore Point or a local Recovery Image, I was able to reboot and somehow the OS repair actually succeeded and I could login. Obviously the first thing I did was move the Recovery Key and then I decrypted the 8-10% is had completed, without any further issue.

Most likely, I move to the Slow Builds after this because the issues are becoming too disruptive, and I prefer to use it as my primary, “test box” because everything else is fake and thus not very useful.

For those people that have had trouble with getting 14965 installed, the problem may be due to their anti-virus program. It happened to me several times.

I use Norton Security and love it. But, these new Windows updates have caused some unintended consequences. And, the changes are coming fast and furious. Microsoft put out warnings recently regarding potential anti-virus software conflicts and it may be affecting your computers. In my case, my Fast Lane Windows installation was at 95% or a little greater and then I get the message that the installation failed. This happened to me with two separate occasions using different Windows update versions. I managed to fix both failed installations by temporarily uninstalling my anti-virus software and both (completely different) versions completed fine.

Your mileage may vary. Do try other solutions to your problem. However, remember this may be the problem you are experiencing so try this solution too.

If anyone is getting tired of all the problems, switch back to Slow Builds. Slow Builds cause fewer problems. Or, discontinue being an Insider Preview member altogether. No beta builds at all.