Windows 10 KB3206309 adds new features to Windows Defender

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Microsoft recently rolled out a new cumulative update for Windows 10 users. Update KB3206309 brings Windows 10 to build version 14986.1001. For the time being, though, there is no official information regarding the content of this update.

Microsoft released KB3206309 for Windows 10 build 14986 which means the update is available only to Windows Insiders. Since this update is now available to Slow Ring Insiders, it’s safe to assume that Microsoft will roll it out to the general public by the end of the year.

Windows 10 KB3206309 revamps Windows Defender

Insiders confirm that update KB3206309 revamps Windows Defender. After installing the update, Windows 10 displays a message informing users that Windows Defender is making some improvements. More specifically, the update adds new features to Windows Defender, finishing the antivirus’ new look.

Windows Defender is making some improvements.  We’re working hard on adding new features and finishing our new look, so not everything is ready quite yet.  Some features you’re looking for may not be available now, which is why the previous version of Windows Defender is still available on your device.”

It appears that KB3206309 is mainly a security update.

Windows 10 KB3206309 bugs

Judging by Insider feedback, KB3206309 is not a very troublesome update. However, it still causes some issues — just less severe ones compared to previous updates. Here is a list of the issues caused by KB3206309 as reported by Insiders:

  • KB3206309 fails to install: “I also had problems installing this update but on my install windows defender was also downloading and trying to install updates at the same time and I think it was the main problem.”
  • Generating logs from ETL files doesn’t work
  • Computers don’t detect the Wi-Fi network: “I got this CU today, after installing and rebooting this update my laptop is not detecting my WiFi. I did a forget saved networks but it still not showing my wifi in available networks.

Have you downloaded KB3206309 to your Windows 10 computer? Use the comment section below to tell more about the improvements this update brings.



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