Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.71 Problems: Installation Fails, Battery Drain & More

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Microsoft released Windows Mobile 10 build 10586.71 a couple of days ago, and it brought some system enhancements and bug fixes. But, besides these improvements, it looks like the latest Windows 10 Mobile build also brought a lot of troubles to Windows 10 Mobile Insiders.

Users are flooding Microsoft community forums with complaints about various problems that the new build brought. So, in case you installed build 10586.71, we hope this article will help you understand what to expect.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.71 Reported Problems

The first reported problem that occurred, even before the new build was installed on people’s Windows 10 devices, is the problem with the installation itself.

“I’m trying to install the latest preview build (10586.71) on my 950XL and it isn’t succeeding. It downloads completely, gets into “preparing to install,” then gives me the “Some update files are missing or have problems. We’ll try to download the update again later. Error code: (0x80073712)””

This is even more odd, if we know that this problem appeared on Lumia 950XL, which is a Windows 10-powered device. Unfortunately, Microsoft engineers remained silent about the issue, so, there’s no confirmed fix for this problem, yet. The next serious problem that was reported on Microsoft community forums is the problem with battery drain.

“I was having problem of battery drain on my 1520 and was waiting for next build so that it gets sorted automatically. However, that has not much helped after I installed 10586.71. The situation of the battery still remains the same. It still drains faster. Further Display consumes >70% of the battery. I didn’t want to hard reset and hence waiting for some creative solution from Microsoft.

Again, Microsoft support remained silent about the problem. And last, but not least, the problem with waking up the phone with double tap.

“Double tap to wake up from glance screen not working in lumia 550. Moreover, i can’t access the the setting setting for the same in settings>extras>touch. There is no option there to switch on or off the double tap, which was there in windows 8.1.”

There are other problems reported, several Windows 10 users saying the alarm is unreliable after upgrading to insider 10586.71 on the same Lumia 950XL. Other owners of the Lumia 640XL complain about issues with the SVCHOST process causing slow response times, application crashes and poor battery, once again. Problems with the Bluetooth functionality have been reported, as well.

It looks like the latest Windows 10 build is quite error-prone, as it actually caused a lot of problems to users who downloaded it. But, Microsoft again didn’t provide any confirmed fix for these issue, which angers the users even more.

If you experienced some other problem with this build, that we didn’t mention in this article, please let us and our readers know, in the comments. Of course, don’t forget that this builds are meant for insiders, so it’s only natural for these issues to occur.

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This update has turned my Lumia 950 into a useless paperweight! It runs the install, the install fails to a sad face, then it runs the install again. It does this endlessly. It completely ignores attempts to do a hard reset. Taking the battery out and letting the capacitors drain down doesn’t help. The phone is a zombie–still moving but functionally dead. I’m looking for a way to return it to Microsoft since I’ve only had it for three or four months. This is absolutely my last Microsoft phone!

Update is working great on my Lumia 950 (Dual sim, unlocked, US, T-mobile). I do not notice much difference in performance from .63 to .71 though. Overall, the phone is much better than it was 10586.0 and 10586.29 where my main issues were restarts, trouble recording in 4k, and apps “Loading…” before opening.

There still seems to be some issue with bluetooth however. Bluetooth works flawlessly with my Samsung home theatre system. It works so well, in fact, that it literally connects in 1 second after I turn on bluetooth. However, after switching bluetooth device, the phone still struggles connecting to my Bose Mini Soundlink taking up to 10 seconds and sometimes multiple tries. I think it it has to do with poor compatibility when switching between devices of different bluetooth specifications (like using bluetooth 4.0 then switching 4.1 device, etc.). A soft reset (turn off and back on) always solves the problem though.

Bluetooth is out of whack. wont connect my headphones anymore.. says paired but just wont connect. also I find sometimes go from one screen to another it lags… running a Lumia 830

I’ve a Lumia 929 (Verizon’s ill-fated ICON) and the 10586.71 download and install went without issue (took about 40 minutes end to end using a broadband connection).


My Verizon Mobile works again – it hadn’t over the past, two builds. Cut and paste between Edge and SMS works again – it hadn’t over the past two builds. Bluetooth can now connect with Ford and Microsoft SYNC, where previously it never worked with Windows 10 Mobile TP builds. The phone actually only requires one soft reset… to soft reset. Previous builds required multiple soft resets with the lock screen frozen in between tries. And the embedded PDF reader in Edge eliminates the annoying jump to app selection menu.


MMS still does not work, which went away after the update to 10586.63 – adding and activating a Verizon APN fails to correct the issue, and I don’t feel like hard resetting (again). Battery life at moderate loading is slightly improved from past builds but agree with other comments that Display is the single, largest drain (even at low brightness) at an average 78% of total power consumption. Thankfully, Cortana did not reset for yet another retraining, but Lumia Motion Data has Recent Places going to locations not traveled – ever. That may clear, though, going forward. GPS has tended to cut in and out on previous builds but will monitor for improved tracking, using Waze (yes – still) and HERE Drive apps. And Groove continues to not transfer a majority (upwards of 75%) of album art but… whatever. The songs are there, which counts toward something.


Each build brings improvements and 10586.71 certainly seems closer to final than the builds from November 2015, when Windows Insider queried “Is this build ready for final?” Chuckle, chuckle. However, battery life will likely only improve with those phones built specifically for Windows 10 Mobile. Older phones will have to embrace and own power anxiety upon upgrading.

So far, fingers crossed, my Lumia 950 standby time has improved and Bluetooth stability and consistency is better. My Band 2 actually seems more useful now. Oddly my 950 and my wife’s 950 both restarted once while idle within minutes of each other. It almost seemed like mine would have earlier except I was using it. Not sure if that is a new update system or they both just crashed about the same time. I guess for us this build seems like an improvement overall. I used to charge 5 times a day and now it’s 2.

Reporting on bugs is fair, but you write about this as if Microsoft has done some horrible disservice to users. What part of “technical preview” do you find difficult to understand?

Exactly and it’s the fast ring which is error prone, buggy…Seriously this reporter thinks Microsoft support are silent on the matter. Wrong dude they have heavily advertised that it isn’t for production.

Only the battery drain and overheating (esp. when charging) issues affecting my 920 with this build. Somewhat irksome, yes, but it is a beta OS, these are the issues we Insiders must expect and are supposed to report using the Insider Feedback app. Oh, and the lack of weather display on Glance Screen and Lockscreen persists so it’s safe to assume there are still some bugs to be ironed out – that’s par for the course with beta testing. To those “angry users” to whom the article refers; log these issues with the Insider app and patiently wait for a fix (which can be hard, I know) or simply flash your phone back to WP8.1 if you find the situation is untenable.

Interesting, I found battery life improved on 930 and less overheating with the 930 (prone to over heating) much better.

I upgraded my 950 XL a few days ago and I’m not facing any of the issue listed above. Phone locked to Vodafone ireland

I believe that after installing this build on my 640LTE the keybord seems to lag sometimes and the unlocking with swipe also…

I have no any above problem find on my Lumia 640xl.This latest build running smoothly.only phone msg received in inbox take some times.