Windows 10 Notification settings get new customization options

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Improved Notification Settings coming soon

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Microsoft recently released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 build. This time, the company introduced three new interesting features that are going to be available to the general public in a few months’ time.

Twitter users reported that Windows 10 20H1 Update is bringing some important changes in the Notification Settings.

The upcoming Windows 10 version allows users to sort Notifications based on two options i.e Most recent and by Name.

Furthermore, you can also choose how many notifications should appear in the notification center. 

Notification prioritization is another new feature that came along with this release. It means that you can now adjust notification settings so that important notifications appear at the top.

New notifications settings coming soon

All in all, the upcoming Windows 10 version will completely transform how notifications appear on your screen.

Windows 10 users appreciate the changes

Many users appreciated Microsoft’s efforts and said that it is a much-needed change.

Yessss. We need more Visuals in the settings app!!! This is a welcome change

Another user liked the fact that Microsoft is finally working on improving Windows 10‘s UI.

I like they’ve introduced some colors, it’s about time to overhaul @WindowsUI and deliver.

Windows 10 users are looking forware to test the additional features. One Windows 10 user who responded to Albacore’s tweet stated that:

now they just need to add a location setting, need it in the top right corner

The tech giant is actively working on new features based on popular user demands and feedback. It is a positive change that Microsoft finally decided to improve the existing functionality of Windows 10 notifications.

What do you think about the improved notification settings? Let us know in the comments section below.



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