Take Two: Is Windows 10 October Update finally coming in November?

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Good news for everyone waiting for the Windows 10 October Update aka Windows 10 v1809, although I am not sure if anyone really waits for the updates, let’s be honest.

Tomorrow is the second Tuesday of the month, which means it’s security update time. And it looks like the October Windows Update may well be included in the November patch.

Microsoft Re-Releases Windows 10 October Update in November?

The release of the Windows 10 October update 1809 was problematic to say the least. A couple of days after it had been released, the reports started appearing online of files being deleted by a bug, including people’s documents.

windows 10 delete file bug


What has annoyed many people in this round of updates is that things have been done so poorly. The Windows 10 October update 1809 affected many but Microsoft only released the fix to Windows Insiders in the Slow and Release Review rings. Microsoft didn’t think it was worth releasing it to everyone else who may have lost folders, files, and documents.

Also, Windows has made almost no pronouncements about this. Really, in this day and age of instant communication, customers expect more. Why companies don’t admit they screwed up, and tell people they are working on a fix (preferably with daily updates), continues to astound me.

It Isn’t Difficult to keep People Happy

It really isn’t that difficult to keep most people happy. Tell them what went wrong with the Windows 10 October Update, apologize that it happened, tell them what you are doing to fix it, and then fix it. I am sure that is how companies behaved in the past. Not sure why it can’t be like that now.

I am a great fan of Windows. In fact, I have a brilliant story concerning Bill Gates, a schooner in Guernsey, and a missed opportunity to travel the world teaching two young kids, but I won’t go into that now. However, sometimes being a fan of Windows is quite tiring!

What I will say is that many people remember companies that led by a long way, only to come crashing to earth. Let’s hope that Microsoft doesn’t forget that, with its shambolic Windows 10 October update , customers still have value. And that what happened to Perrier Water in 1992, for example, could happen to any company.

Anyway, enough ranting. Here is the updates page where you can check out what’s what. As always, let us know when you update, or re-update (is that a word?) your Windows 10 machine, and whether you have any problems or not. We are always very happy to hear from you.



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