Allegedly, Windows 11 takes a high toll on laptop batteries

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Another major flaw is beginning to get flagged by more and more Windows 11 users on forums.
  • After installing build 22000.65, the battery life on portable devices, such as laptops, is shorter. 
  • Apparently, In some cases, battery duration has even been reduced to half its normal autonomy.
  • Weeks prior, Microsoft was promising users that the new operating system will actually save battery.
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Besides all the peculiar software glitches that Insiders already found in the fabric of the upcoming OS, the way it affects some of the hardware components has also been a hot topic these days.

We already know that there are cases when, after installing Windows 11, users reported that the fans on the Surface 2 devices have stopped working.

Battery life also seems to be a factor in this discussion, as people are now noticing that their laptops batteries are drained much faster than before installing the preview build.

Battery life significantly reduced with the new OS

Social media is filled with numerous reports that all seem to point in the same direction: Windows 11 preview builds drain battery much faster than the previous operating system.

As you would imagine, this sparked various debates about how and what Microsoft did wrong when designing this operating software.

And, as well know, an unfinished, unreleased OS that’s still being tested could indeed even reduce device performance, or encounter other hardware conflicts.

In the above-mentioned Reddit post, this Windows 11 user claims that the battery issues actually started after installing the 22000.65 build, for the upcoming OS.

This is, apparently, a problem that affects a pretty large number of users. The biggest percentage of replies that confirmed the initial post was indeed that of the users who also experienced this change.

Getting that issue too, on Windows 10 i get around 4hrs of usage on my laptop, after using the Dev build of windows 11 i get only around 2hours

It was supposed to be the other way arround

Not many were expecting to run into this type of situation, as Microsoft proudly pointed out that Windows 11 will actually help conserve battery life, with its improved Dynamic Refresh rates.

Although there are many that confirm this problem, the first build of the future operating system didn’t seem to trigger a similar reaction.

The new update, which brought more to the table, could be the potential perpetrator here. This is, however, only one of the things reported wrong for this major software endeavor.

If you also want to know how the new OS performs on portable Microsoft devices, such as laptops or tablets, check out our extensive article.

Before we make any future judgment, however, we have to see how the tech company will perfect Windows 11, over the upcoming months leading to its official rollout.

Are you also experiencing the same issue after installing the 22000.65 build for Windows 11? Let us know in the comments section below.

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