Easy method to change the default browser on Windows 11

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  • Changing some of the basic system settings on Windows 11 is exactly the same as on the previous operating system version. 
  • After installing the browser you want to use, all that remains is setting it as default.
  • Modifying this option requires navigating through the Settings menu, on your PC.
  • Follow the steps in this article to correctly change your default browser in just a few clicks.
change browser windows 11

Are you tired of the browser you are using now or you just don’t agree to the one that Microsoft selected as the default browser for you?

Rest assured that this is not permanent and, as most of the characteristics of the OS, can be modified to suit every user’s needs.

Performing this change is fast and only requires a few clicks. Download and install the browser you want to use on your Windows 11 system with the help of our quick steps.

How do I change my default browser on Windows 11?

Don’t be discouraged because this is not at all a daunting task and will only take up a few minutes of your time.

Whether you would like to give up using Microsoft Edge for Chrome, or Firefox, switching is fairly easy and can be done with a bit of fiddling through the Settings menu.

However, the options you have on this OS are a bit more generous than on the previous one, allowing you to select default browsers for multiple instances and tasks.

For example, you can select Chrome as default for browsing, while keeping Edge as default for opening PDF or WEPB files.

As you can see from the video below, and also explained step by step, changing your default browser on Windows 11 is a walk in the park.

4 easy steps to change your default browser

  1. To easily do so, you have to start by accessing the Settings menu, which can be done by either pressing Windows Key + I, or simply going to the Start menu and clicking on the Settings button. After you access the Settings menu, the next step is clicking the Apps button. settings app
  2. Now, select the Default apps tab, from the right side of the screen.
    default apps
  3. In the search box, type the name of the browser you would like to set as your default, for example, Chrome. After that, click on the Chrome button.search for browser
  4. You will get a list of categories and for each one, you can select the default browser. Click on each and select Chrome as the default browser.change browser

After completing all these steps, you can simply exit the settings menu and try out your new favorite browser.

Note icon
This action does not disable the other browsers that are installed, it just makes the one you selected the default one on the system.

Why should I change my default browser?

Frankly, there isn’t a specific reason why you should do that and you shouldn’t if you don’t really want to. It’s all down to personal choice and preference.

Some users have grown accustomed to working on certain browsers, while others have no problem using the default built-in one that Microsoft provides, which in this case is Edge.

Only do this if you are comfortable moving to a different experience and are familiar with the browser you are about to switch to.

There aren’t that many changes from the previous operating system, but if want to keep track of all Windows 11 and Windows 10 differences and similarities, we got you covered.

Even more, thoroughly revise the Windows 11 system requirements, just to be sure that you will be able to run it on your device, the second it comes out.

Which browser are you using as your default one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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