Disable Windows 11’s driver update to avoid downgrading your GPU

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  • Reports are now coming in that the Windows 11 driver update tool is giving users a real headache.
  • This built-in tool actually downgrades the GPU drivers on the device it's installed on.
  • The best advice would be to turn off this feature after you installed one of the dev builds for Windows 11.
  • You can also use third-party software to revert changes made by the Windows driver update tool.
Windows 11 driver update

We’ve been constantly talking about Windows 11 and everything it brings to the table so far, including all the bugs that have been flagged ever since the OS became available for public testing.

However, even though this is not a bug, here’s something else you need to keep in mind while testing Microsoft’s new operating system.

The Windows driver update will downgrade your GPU driver

Users have indicated that they are having some issues with the Windows 11 dev preview. 22000.51. It seems that, after updating the system to this version of the OS, Windows is actually performing a GPU driver downgrade.

Reddit user GimmiForall first noticed this weird occurrence exactly after installing the above-mention preview of Windows 11.

I am facing this issue in the windows 11 official dev preview. 22000.51

I already installed the latest version. 21.6.2 (27.20.22001.16006).

I tried to fix using DDU, + Regedit but always got this. I must install the windows driver version. otherwise, I can’t install any windows update. when install windows update automatically install GPU drivers also.

After installing the windows version of the GPU driver can’t open the AMD settings it says ” AMD Radeon Software and Driver Versions do not match” doesn’t matter trying to fix using Regedit. also can’t install the windows store AMD app because the store says no Hardware matching for install the app.

basically, Windows Tring to downgrade GPU Driver Version.

Windows Update GPU Driver Version 27.20.11035.3002

AMD Latest GPU Driver Version 27.20.22001.16006

Does anyone face this issue?

The Windows driver update tool seems to have a mind of its own and it is now messing with hardware drivers that were already updated to the latest version.

As the Reddit post says after the built-in Windows update tool is done with its job, the GPU settings panel can no longer be accessed.

All users get when trying to open the GPU settings is an error that reads: AMD Radeon Software and Driver Versions do not match.

Source: Reddit

So, as a piece of advice, in order to avoid facing the same situation, it may be wise to actually deactivate the Windows automatic driver update tool.

How can I fix this?

Besides flagging this annoying issue, the author of the Reddit post also offers his fellow users a solution for fixing it.

There is, apparently, a third-party tool that will solve the problem. This particular application is called Wumgr and can be found by simply searching for it on Google.

After installing this software on your PC, all you have to do is:

  1. Click the Update icon.
  2. Select updates you don’t want to install.
  3. Select the eye icon for the hide.
  4. You can install other Windows updates without GPU Drivers.
Source: Reddit

Remember to always keep an eye out for every change that these Windows 11 preview builds perform on your devices, to make sure you don’t run into surprises next time you plan on using certain software or features.

Have you experienced cases in which the new OS changed or disabled features on your device? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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