Windows 11 updates will allegedly install quicker

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  • Microsoft keeps trying to improve Windows 11's entire user experience.
  • Now, the company is promising us much faster updates on the latest OS.
  • The tech giant mentioned that these updates will happen during the OOBE.
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You might be wondering what else Microsoft is cooking up right now behind closed doors at its Redmond headquarters, so allow us to shed some light.

Besides the fact that it switched back to a 3-year release cycle for new operating systems, and we’re already expecting Windows 12, developers are still tweaking Windows 10 and 11 quite a lot.

Redmond officials constantly stated that Windows 11 is all about quality, so we’re about to talk about another quality improvement coming to the latest OS.

The tech giant recently published a preview update for Windows 11, one that includes new functionality designed to improve the update process on newer Windows 11 devices.

We will install Windows 11 updates faster on newer devices

We’re actually talking about KB5015882, and you should know that the updating functionality that it contains will find its way to us in the August cumulative updates.

Preview updates are designed for Insiders and can be downloaded and installed early for testing certain features and functionalities or to address serious issues.

That being said, generally speaking, if you are not part of the Insider community, the above-mentioned preview updates should not be installed on most Windows 11 devices, under any circumstances.

To clarify what these faster updates actually mean, Microsoft is referring to the fact that it will happen during the OOBE experience.

According to the release notes, Windows 11 gives users the option to update to a newer Windows 11 version at the very first startup of Windows, provided their device is eligible.

Furthermore, it provides the option for eligible devices to update to a newer Windows 11 version during the out-of-box experience (OOBE), when you first sign in.

And, on the off chance also you choose to update to a newer version, the update process will begin shortly after the update is installed on the device.

Thus, from what Microsoft is describing in the blog post, this improved update improvement will kick in only during the out-of-box experience (OOBE).

Needless to say, this happens on the very first startup of the operating system, and these devices need to meet the Windows 11 system requirements.

You will surely know it as the initial setup experience that includes the privacy configuration of the operating system, among others.

During that process, you can also set up the system’s language, region and keyboard layouts, along with many other preferences.

This caused a bit of confusion among seasoned and new Windows 11 users alike, as the tech giant stated that this is an option, but didn’t reveal when we will actually get it during the OOBE.

Another gray area is if this new update feature is somehow limited to certain types of updates, or if such restrictions don’t apply.

What we do know is that this new experience was designed to ensure that users get the option to run a newer version of Windows 11 on their devices from the very start.

As you imagined, this will greatly speed up the installation of critical security updates as well on those systems.

However, for tall this to happen and run like clockwork, users must accept the downloading and installation of updates during the out-of-box experience.

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