Microsoft says Windows Updates are much quicker, users strongly disagree

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  • Microsoft stated many times that it has reduced the update time for Windows 11 PCs.
  • However, users won't agree with the tech giant, as they are forced to wait for ages on it.
  • Social media platforms and forums are full of complaints about the latest Microsoft OS.
  • Having to wait an extra 15 minutes while the screen shows 100% complete is not ideal.
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Much has been said about Microsoft and its latest operating system in these last months, both good and bad. Users are slowly starting to get accustomed to Windows 11 and many have already upgraded.

Although the new OS still lacks some of the key functionalities that users have appreciated on Windows 10, people are not so against the new operating system anymore.

However, much like in a political campaign, the Redmond tech giant has made some promises to entice people into embracing Windows 11 but still hasn’t delivered.

Now, users are wondering if these small, yet extremely annoying details, will ever change and if going through an OS upgrade is even worth the trouble.

Users still waiting ages for updates to finish installing

We’re talking about Windows Updates and how they still have users sitting around their PCs, wondering if it’s going to be another five minutes, or half an hour before it finishes downloading and installing.

Even though one of the selling points for Windows 11 was much shorter update times, not all users seem to agree with this statement.

For some, in fact, update times haven’t changed a bit and they are getting fed up with idly hanging around their PCs for ages.

Back then, the company announced that new Windows Updates would be 40% smaller, and thus take less time to be applied to your device.

Also mentioned was the fact that older updates would expire, ensuring much shorter scan times. Users, however, strongly disagree with what Microsoft said and are taking to social media and forums to express their frustration.

Microsoft, we need to agree on a definition of 100% complete, because staring at this for 10 minutes isn’t it.

For many of them, it feels like they haven’t moved on from Windows 10 yet, as they are forced to wait around these updates for who knows how long.

windows update

Truth be told, looking at a screen that says 100% complete and having to give it an extra 10-15 minutes is not ideal for most of us, especially because time is the most valuable resource we, as humans, have.

Many of us thought we wouldn’t have to deal with endless updates in 2022, especially after moving on to a newer, faster experience.

Users that found a way to speed things up a bit shared their insight with fellow community members and the solution, as you might have expected, is easier than ever.

Get a nvme m.2 SSD. My windows updates are done before I’m even done drinking water lol.

Everyone is hoping that Microsoft will take a bit more time off from imagining Windows 12 and fiddling with the taskbar, to finally fix Windows Updates once and for all.

If you are in need of assistance in how to correctly and efficiently use the Windows Update troubleshooter, we got you covered.

And, if you happen to stumble upon the Something went wrong, try opening Settings later error, we can give you some tips on how to fix it.

How much have you had to wait for your last Windows update to be complete? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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