Windows 11 announced to have built-in top/bottom split in portrait mode

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Users are delighted with the brand new feature that the Windows 11 OS brings to the table.
  • The built-in top/bottom split, while in portrait orientation, was a long-awaited addition.
  • Many wonder why this change wasn't implemented while Windows 10 reigned supreme.
  • A lot of users are currently relying on third-party apps to get the same results as they would with this new built-in feature. 
Windows 11 portrait mode

One of the most requested features, one that users have dreamed about for ages, is apparently available now, with the release of the new OS version called Windows 11.

Social media has been absolutely buzzing at the sight of this great news, as users took to the Internet to let others know that they can stop using third-party tools to achieve their goals.

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New split-screen feature while in portrait mode

As we mentioned above, users were eager to flood social media pages with news about their favorite new feature from Windows 11.

In a Reddit thread, one tech-savvy user actually shows his peers how the new split-screen feature works on the OS, and how easy it is to organize your apps, while you work.

With just a few finger swipes, you can multitask like a pro on your phone, tablet, or monitor, while in portrait mode.

Access an app and then swipe it to the right for it to snap into position at the top of your screen. You can then open a second app which, by swiping it to the left, will snap and attach to the bottom of the screen.

You can later adjust the size ratio for which one by fiddling with the middle adjust options, depending on requires more of your attention. Pretty easy right?

Time to stop using third-party apps to efficiently split-screen

Many of the users that replied to the above-mentioned Reddit thread said that they weren’t even aware of this change and that they still use some third-party apps in order to get the same results.

I currently use Fancyzones, but it’s not a proper solution to this problem, since that doesn’t allow dynamic tiled resizing.

The big majority of users are still appalled by the fact that this feature was not available on Windows 10, and that they had to wait all this time for such a simple integration to be made possible.

It is good news though, since the implementation of this feature means that most of us can stop using other services to manage our multitasking abilities, and simply rely on our favorite operating system.

What is your opinion on this change? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Moreover, get ready to watch the Windows 11 unveiling event on June 24th, at 11 am Eastern time.

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