New Privacy Auditing feature on its way to Windows 11

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Care about your security and want to know more about your privacy on Windows 11?
  • The good news is that Microsoft is currently working on an enhanced privacy feature.
  • Privacy Auditing is still under development and will show you the detailed information.
w11 privacy audit
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Microsoft said many times that, with Windows 11, its main and pretty much only concern was enhancing security for the OS.

But, as many users know, this goes both ways and they feel like their privacy is under attack by the same company that provides their services.

In fact, Microsoft has long been accused of using Windows 11 to spy on users by gathering telemetry and other information.

However, after all this time and endless talks, Microsoft is finally introducing a new feature that places users in control.

Microsoft is working on Privacy Audit feature

Apps secretly spying on users through cameras and microphones is nothing new really, but rather something that tends to be thought of in relation to mobile apps.

With that in mind, know that it can also be a problem on your desktop, just in case you considered yourself untouchable.

That being said, Microsoft is testing a new Privacy Auditing feature that will make it possible to see which apps have been accessing such devices.

It is referred to collectively as Privacy Auditing, and the feature not only lets you see which app have access to sensitive devices such as your microphone but also reveals which have actually accessed them and when.

As far as we know, Android and iOS have comprehensive permission settings that make it possible to control precisely what tools, features, and data apps are able to access.

Privacy Auditing will pretty much do the same for Windows 11 users, which is why this feature will surely be one of the most appreciated ones yet.

There isn’t a lot of information on the subject for the time being. but we will share updates with you as soon as they become available.

What are your thoughts on this new feature for Windows 11? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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