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  • Even legacy elements of the Windows OS are getting the Fluent Design treatment.
  • Recently, the dialog box for the Windows Firewall was also really nicely redesigned.
  • However, this feature is only available for Dev Channel Insiders for the time being.
windows firewall prompt

Remember us talking about the last Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel Preview Build yesterday? Well, there’s one small detail you might have missed, so let’s bring it into the spotlight.

Besides all the fixes and known issues, Microsoft has added yet another minor design change, to make everything feel more Windows 11-native.

Still haven’t guessed what it is? Well, we’re just going to say the words Windows Firewall and let that simmer for just a few seconds.

Before we start, make sure you catch up on everything there is to know about the upcoming OS as well, which is Windows 12.

The Windows Firewall prompt now has rounded edges

Build 25267 for the Windows 11 Dev Channel, the final preview release in 2022, has brought a fresh coat of paint for one more legacy user interface.

Thus, the operating system now displays a modern and better-looking dialog box when a program requests network permissions from Windows Firewall.

And, even though the change arrived unannounced, you will not require Vivetool or other third-party apps or software tricks to enable.

This new and improved Windows Firewall prompt now looks the same as the modern User Account Control dialog box.

Furthermore, it is also slightly simpler than before, since networks and extra information about the app are now hidden behind the Show more link, an additional step some users are unlikely to enjoy.

Looking past the better and more modern look, the updated dialog box is also more accessible and easy to use on tablets and laptops with touchscreens, thanks to larger buttons and checkboxes.

The Redmond tech giant also included dark and light theme support, and the prompt now dims the display to drive the user’s attention to the message.

That being said, please keep in mind the Firewall itself is still a part of the legacy Control Panel with all its downsides, so we are all looking forward to some much-needed change.

What other parts of the Windows 11 OS do you feel would benefit from a fresh coat of paint?

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