When will Windows 11 be released?

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  • Microsoft has not announced an official release date for Windows 11, but speculations are at an all-time high.
  • Many think that the tech company is subtly dropping hints at each step, all pointing towards an October release.
  • A screenshot containing some Teams messages between Microsoft officials seems to confirm this theory.
  • Others think that October could be the launch date for the new Microsoft Surface devices, not Windows 11.
Windows 11 release date

Ever since the first leaked version of Windows 11 appeared on the internet, people have been constantly speculating on when the OS will officially be released.

Some even thought that Microsoft’s new operating system had already made its big debut in the tech world.

And even after the big event that the Redmon company hosted last week, we still don’t have an official release date for Windows 11.

However, some recent information points to the fact that Microsoft might wait until Halloween to launch this highly expected software.

Microsoft hints at an October 2021 launch for the new OS

Microsoft is continuously promoting their new operating system, while dropping a few hints along the way, for those with enough of a keen eye to catch them.

It seems that the company keeps teasing an October date for the release of the new flagship OS, as it did several times during its Windows event last week.

Keep in mind that Microsoft only made one official mention of this release, saying that they chose a holiday for the Windows 11 release party.

However, the company’s official marketing campaign strongly hints at an October 20th date.

The Verge’s Tom Warren has shared a screenshot of Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices, Panos Panay’s desktop. There, we can see a Teams message that kind of gives it all away.

Source: The Verge

This message was received from Stevie Bathiche, one of the lead engineers for Microsoft Surface devices, and it says:

Excited to turn it up to 11… can’t wait for October!

The rumors are so many nowadays, its becoming hard to keep track of what is really true. Some say that October will be the release date for Windows 11, while others think its about new Surface devices.

Another interesting marketing scheme that led to all this speculations, is the fact that the majority of Microsoft’s press images, for Windows 11, show the October 20th date in the taskbar, next to the time, which is set to 11:11AM.

The real question here is: Is Microsoft leading us on a wild goose chase or are these really trustworthy tips that the company is throwing our way?

Only time will tell and all we can do is just sit back and wait for the first Windows 11 Insider builds, so that we can further test the new OS.

Remember to keep yourself informed and also make sure to check if your device meets the necessary system requirements to run Windows 11.

You can use Microsoft’s PC Health Check app to diagnose if your system is ready for the upgrade,

When do you think Windows 11 will officially launch? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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