There is a new Snap Bar UX supposedly coming to Windows 11

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  • Apparently, Remond developers are working on a new snap UX for Windows 11.
  • The upcoming function will supposedly be called Snap Bar, according to leaks.
  • It will soon enter the testing phase, bringing snapping grids via a drop-down.
  • Note that this isn't confirmed official information yet, so we'll have to wait and see.
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Upgraded to Windows 11 but somehow feel that what we currently have on the table is not enough? Join the club, as there are a lot of users that share your feelings about the new OS.

And Microsoft is doing everything in its power to add more functionalities and make it a bit more practical, although a lot more could have been already done.

But since we’re speaking about what Windows 11 is lacking, rather than what it already has, let’s talk about a possible upcoming feature that involves snap layouts.

We could soon get a new snap UX

Now, before we all get excited and start making plans for the future, we’ll start by saying that this isn’t confirmed official information for the time being.

In fact, news about this alleged future functionality that’s going to be embedded into the very fabric on Windows 11 comes from a Twitter leak.

Yes, there have been a lot of leaks lately, considering that’s how we found out about wallpaper stickers, and changes being made to the Task Manager.

Since this is apparently leak month and we have to learn about all these features from other sources, instead of Microsoft, let’s see what we have in store.

Allegedly, Redmond developers are working on some sort of new snapping user experience which will soon enter its testing phase, one that is called Snap Bar.

Also shared via this tweet is the fact that this new experience includes snapping grids via a drop-down bar or panel from the top of your screen when you grab or move an app window.

However, Windows 11 users are not really impressed with changes like these making their way to the latest operating system and would rather have some of the old Windows 10 functions.

The information we presented in this article has also found its way to Reddit users, who underlined the futility of the Redmond tech giant trying to entice them with these small tweaks.

Exactly. I care exactly 0% about the addition of meaningless stuff like Stickers and snapping my windows!

But, this doesn’t mean that the entire community feels the same way, so all in all this is not yet a lost cause. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for us and then judge accordingly.

Until then, however, we’re going to keep an eye on the latest Dev and Beta Channe builds in order to spot any novelties introduced to the young OS.

What’s the most important feature that you would like to see added to Windows 11? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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